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What works for us is delivering high-quality, valuable and cost- effective pricing for our services.

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₹ 500

For Contract worth ₹ 5,00,000
Start with our dispute resolution paper which begins as low as Rs. 500 per agreement/invoice/purchase order/work order/contract.

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Simple Steps towards Dispute Resolution

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Choose to purchase the Agreement via Online/Offline options

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Mutually Agreed

All parties involved must sign and accept the agreed terms.

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Legally Enforced

Both parties are legally bound by the Dispute Resolution Clause.

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Dispute Resolution

In case of a dispute, PrivateCourt is to attain resolution, amicably.

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The Award holder can enforce the Award as per the provisions of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996, and Code of Civil Procedure, 1908.

You can buy Agreement in 3 ways

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We are present at 12 locations. Visit any of our authorised branches and speak face-to-face with our support team who will answer all your questions. The team will take all necessary measures to understand your issues and guide you through the entire dispute resolution process we offer.

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Purchase from Partners

Purchase our Dispute Resolution Paper via our partners, group of affiliates, referral partners, and/or reseller partners. Our partners abide by our principles and philosophy and commit to serving you with the highest level of sincerity and dedication.

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Simply generate a weblink and both parties can enter into an agreement by e-signing.

At PrivateCourt, securing your rights and protecting your business become our prime concern.

We understand, in this scenario, 'Securing and Safeguarding' your rights is not only important but an absolute necessity.

PrivateCourt has gone that extra mile to bring together and empanel the services of legal professionals, various industry experts and tech wizards to provide an unbiased, neutral, and industry-agnostic platform for dispute resolutions. All judgements passed are neutral, in accordance with the natural law, and declared only post deliberation with internal experts, considering all possible scenarios.

Moreover, we will bring you peace of mind so that you can focus more on important things.

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Why PrivateCourt


Free from S.16 Arbitration and Conciliation Act and Jurisdiction issues.


Older Disputes at the Lowest price.


Immense trust due to brand name.


No cost for conciliation and arbitration proceedings (till Award).


No need for any formal legal education to file and attend sessions.


60 Day timeline to solve all the arbitration cases.


Timely MIS and Reporting systems.


Support till the execution of the Award.


48 Hours SLA


12 Indian Languages


International coverage



Proposal for the constitution of Nyaya Panchayats

The proposal for the constitution of Nyaya Panchayats throughout the country is seen as a dynamic and strategic mechanism for the redressal of legal disputes. It responds to the mandate to promote Justice "in all possible ways" under Article 39A of the Constitution of India."


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