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A quick review of our case study for MSME owners will highlight the fact that ‘We Practice What We Preach’. Our team of experts, sticking to the multi-layered recovery process, has gone the extra mile to tackle each and every case with utmost commitment and dedication to reach a settlement.


Simple Steps towards Dispute Resolution


Why you need to Choose PrivateCourt

In-depth research and verification of all documentation before proceeding to the next stage
Complex strategies are dissected
Inputs are taken from all parties of a dispute
A detailed questionnaire filled up to understand all facets of the issue
A careful review of all facts and documents by industry experts
Neutral assessments and suggestions based on the law and human perspective
Quick and effective dispute resolution
Follow up on the implementation of the awarded settlement.

Fact 1

A recent quantitative analysis by Economic Times estimates that approximately Rs 10.7 lakh crore is stuck as delayed payments to MSMEs in India, amounting to 6% of India’s GVA (Gross Value Added) for FY 2020-21. This report does indicate that though MSMEs have gained due importance and have enough legal and regulatory safeguards for delayed payments, still a lot needs to be done.

Fact 2

Samadhan, (a platform launched by the government for MSMEs to raise disputes over the non-payment of dues) as of May 2022 had complaints raised by 1.08 lakh applications filed MSEs with delayed amounts totalling to Rs 28,085 crore since its launch in October 2017. A sure-shot indicator of the limitations of legal remedies.


‘’The Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) sector contributes one-third to India's gross domestic product and has the potential to grow further,’’

Minister Narayan Rane.
The MSME sector is evidently gaining priority in the economic development of the country. This sector not only represents the maximum workforce of the country but also contributes more than half of the country's output. With changes, challenges and obstacles faced in the business environment post-pandemic and the vividity of business opportunities, this sector needs all the support it can get to make sure that businesses focus on business continuity and growth.

Moreover, MSME entrepreneurs often lack knowledge related to finance and legal issues that crop up recurrently, which can have an impeding effect on sustaining their businesses over the long term. Perennially stuck in a dilemma where at one end, they have to keep borrowing money to pay off the loans borrowed at high-interest rates from informal sources while on the other hand, they face a taut capital resource crunch caused mainly due by difficulties in the management of the account receivables.

At PrivateCourt, we understand this, and our teams work relentlessly to achieve smooth and timely settlement of any disagreements or disputes so the businesses are minimally impacted.

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Our 360-degree-Recovery-Process

We understand it takes a lot to understand, identify, unfold and propose a solution to resolve a dispute.; complex strategies have to be applied to understand the human needs involved, reevaluate the issue in humanitarian ways, and build a diverse set of proposals to tackle the issue. After years of research and development and brainstorming ideas, PrivateCourt team experts have developed a unique, step-by-step recovery process, designed to engineer the quickest satisfactory settlement. This precise and specific Recovery process is a result of years of hard work.


Today, we proudly proclaim, this watertight Recovery methodology is a solution-based approach and can take anywhere from three to five stages, depending on what the dispute is, to bring about a satisfactory settlement.


Intense training and coaching given to the team empower them to attain an empathic understanding of the problem to tackle complex scenarios that are unknown or not ''text-book'' defined. Every stage of this non-linear iterative process leads the team to identify and define the core problem by looking at the problem from different perspectives that aims at resolving the dispute with minimal difficulty.

Process-Stage Process-Stage Process-Stage

Case Studies

A quick review of our case study will highlight the fact that we Practice what we preach. Our team of experts, sticking to the multi-layered recovery process, has gone the extra mile to tackle each and every case with utmost commitment and dedication to reach a settlement.

Movie Studio V. Production House

The claimant in this case is a movie studio based in Mumbai offering services of private screening and post-production works like editing, sound recording, etc.

Shipping Company V. Manufacturing Business

Brief facts giving rise to this dispute of Non-payment of the invoice: a dispute arose between the parties, who..

Post Production Studio V. Entertainment Company

Cras nec lectus non leo consequat sagittis. Mauris dignissim urna vitae odio hendrerit, vel tincidunt elit facilisis.

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Case Studies


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Free from S.16 Arbitration and Conciliation Act and Jurisdiction issues.


Older Disputes at the Lowest price.


Immense trust due to brand name.


No cost for conciliation and arbitration proceedings (till Award).


No need for any formal legal education to file and attend sessions.


60 Day timeline to solve all the arbitration cases.


Timely MIS and Reporting systems.


Support till the execution of the Award.


48 Hours SLA


12 Indian Languages


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We understand that disputes take a lot of time and effort to resolve, and often, there is a question of losing business relationships. PrivateCourt will act as a completely impartial counsel to guide you through intense situations of negotiations.


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