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The rich & valuable experience we gained while working with our members helped forge stronger connections and establish credibility with them. Each and every case was unique in its own way, adding flexibility and exposure to our services.

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By opting Alternate Dispute Resolution service offered by PrivateCourt, you get the privilege of receiving high-quality, affordable and fair justice. Our brand stands out in the domain of Dispute Resolution. It also creates an impact on people to resolve their cases. PrivateCourt is on a mission to transform how disputes can be settled in a timely and cost-effective manner. We are here to transform the way disputes are settled and bring a revolutionary change in the field of dispute resolution.

Explore, review and read what our Members have to say about us, why they chose PrivateCourt, and what difference has this trusted brand brought about and impacted their business.
You will witness how our uniquely designed impactful process works.

Interior Designer

My experience with Privatecourt has been so comforting, to say the least. A completely professional team with an eye for detail and an understanding of the term 'Time is Money.

"Trust PrivateCourt 

Land Dealer

Appreciate the efforts and the constant support extended through the course of the tough negotiations. I have come to trust the team at Privatecourt, absolutely!


Export Import Business Owner

The attention to detail and the way the team went above and beyond to understand and solve my dispute are commendable and truly appreciated.

"Quick Resolution"

Textile Business Owner

The quick resolution achieved on a long-standing disagreement was pleasantly surprising.

"Fair & Quick"

Computer Engineer

While the closure was fair and quick, I was amazed at the follow-up post-agreement.

"Throrough Documentation"

Food & Beverages Business

The arbitrator was thorough in his documentation process and used a lot of industry information to help come to an acceptable conclusion.

"Fantastic Team"

Retail Business

A fantastic team and an expansive pool of well-experienced and qualified arbitrators to opt from to help address multiple situations.

"Business Continuity"

Electronics Manufacturer

The one thing I am happy with is that not only did PrivateCourt settle the dispute, but they ensured business continuity with the same client. Thank You, PrivateCourt.

"Deep Dive"

Civil Contractor

The team took a deep dive and studied the relationship over a few years before they came up with a plan for a negotiation. This, I think, was special.

"Settlement with a Bank"

Media Consultant

Never thought a company could help me negotiate a settlement with a bank and still keep my credit score intact.

"Well Advised"

Cycle Manufacturer

As a cycle manufacturer, we have a variety of partners and distributors that we deal with, and the market is totally demand-based, which, at times, is chaotic. The wide array of distributors spread over large geographical areas also brings its own challenges. Credits and deferred payment systems are an unavoidable part of the business, and ensuring efficient cash flow is a key focus area.

Another factor they are aware of, and at certain times, advised us on, was to focus on the continuity of the business. With clients and vendors who had been historically nondelinquent, the suggestion that came up from the PrivateCourt team was to be as lenient as possible and also find creative solutions so that the business relationship could be maintained and capitalized upon in the long run. This, we think, would not have happened if the case was approached by a typical legal expert.

"Attention to Details"

Healthcare Center

We have employed PrivateCourt to settle a good chunk of disputes that were pending for a long time. While the service provided was more than adequate, what stood out to us was the attention that was given to details.

"Professional Team"

Advertising Business

The team is professional and knows what they are doing. The specific expertise that was brought in is commendable.

"Adept at Understanding"


While there were quite a few complex scenarios that they had to handle, the team was adept at understanding each case and its demands, then operating to draw a suitable solution accordingly.


Small Business Owner

A partner who can come to your rescue in case of delinquencies and resolve such issues swiftly and yet remain budget-friendly is a boon much needed.

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As an arbitrator, you will be reviewing testimony and evidence presented by the disputed parties at a hearing and resolves the dispute by issuing a decision.

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