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Private Court

The Seal

PrivateCourt is an International Arbitration Court. The Seal of PrivateCourt is a symbol of justice or Nyaya in the Indic value system. The symbol depicts the Wheel of Dharma and the Pillar of Truth. The seal upholds in depth the meaning of the whole process of how justice is compelled. satye sarvaṃ pratiṣṭhitam = सत्ये सर्वं प्रतिष्ठितम्- is what PrivateCourt corely believes in, that ''Everything is Established in Truth''.

Core Core Values

Discipline with a critical & dynamic approach toward the solution is engineered in our process to drive it to the point of truth. PrivateCourt fuels a perpetual renaissance by rediscovering and modifying the Indic logic of resolving the dispute via the process.

Our Mission

At PrivateCourt, our team of experts brings its brilliant expertise to the table to identify, comprehend and analyse your requirements to bring about the best possible result. We are here to help you. We operate 24/7 to help you get the most out of placing your trust in us.

Our Philosophy

नास्ति सत्यसमो धर्मो न सत्याद्विद्यते परम्।
न हि तीव्रतरं किञ्चिद् नृतादिह विद्यते।।

Nāsti Satyasamo Dharmo Na Satyādvidyate Paraṁ.
Na hi Tīvrataraṁ Kiñchid Nr̥tādih Vidyate.
English Transliteration
There is no other religion like truth. nothing but the truth. Nothing is more intense than a lie.
Hindi Transliteration
सत्य जैसा अन्य धर्म नहीं। सत्य से पर कुछ नहीं। असत्य से ज्यादा तीव्रतर कुछ नहीं।


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