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Machinery Manufacturer V. Restaurant Owner

Date of Claim raised: 20/12/2022
Date of Conciliation: 22/12/2022
Date of Settlement: 22/12/2022
Digest: Mediation/Conciliation/Dispute/Claimant/Respondent/Invoice/Settlement
Case Summary

In this case, a company (the Claimant) that specializes in manufacturing packaging products filed a case against the Respondent, an opulent Chinese restaurant owner in Pune. The dispute arose over an unpaid bill of Rs. 16,388/- for packaging materials supplied by the Claimant to the Respondent. Despite several reminders and follow-ups, the Respondent failed to make the payment, leading the Claimant to approach PrivateCourt for a settlement. PrivateCourt, a trusted dispute resolution platform, took up the case and assigned a Ld. Sole Conciliator to handle the proceedings.

The Issue:

The Claimant had supplied packaging materials worth Rs. 16,388/- to the Respondent as per their agreement. However, when the bill became due, the Respondent failed to make the payment, citing quality issues with the packaging materials. The Claimant disputed these claims and demanded payment for the services rendered. The Respondent refused to pay the bill, and the dispute reached a deadlock. The matter eventually came to PrivateCourt for settlement.

The Claimant argued that they had supplied high-quality packaging materials, and there was no basis for the Respondent to refuse payment. They claimed that the Respondent had no grounds to dispute the quality of the packaging materials after accepting and using them. The Claimant demanded payment of the outstanding bill along with interest and compensation for the delay.

On the other hand, the Respondent argued that the packaging materials supplied by the Claimant were of sub-standard quality and did not meet the agreed specifications. They claimed that they had incurred losses due to the use of these materials and that the bill was therefore not justified. The Respondent refused to make any payment and maintained that they were not liable for the disputed amount.

PrivateCourt Proceedings:

Upon taking up the case, the PrivateCourt team thoroughly reviewed the documents and evidence provided by both parties. They followed the standard protocol for dispute resolution and requested further information and documentation where necessary. The Ld. Sole Conciliator scheduled a Conciliation via Zoom and audio calls conference as per the Notice of Conciliation. However, the Respondent had a discussion with PrivateCourt's team and informed them that they wish to settle the issues by paying an agreed settlement amount.

Settlement Agreement

After discussions between the parties, the Respondent agreed to pay the Settlement Amount of Rs. 7,000/- to the Claimant on or before 7th January 2023. The agreement was duly signed by both parties and witnessed by the Ld. Sole Conciliator. The dispute was considered settled, and the case was closed.

The Inference:

The settlement agreement reached between the Claimant and the Respondent through PrivateCourt's platform helped to avoid a prolonged and costly legal battle. PrivateCourt's impartial and unbiased approach to dispute resolution enabled the parties to arrive at an amicable settlement, saving both time and money. The case highlights the importance of addressing disputes in a timely and effective manner and the benefits of using an established dispute resolution platform like PrivateCourt.