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Dispute Resolution via Best Practices

Conflict Identification

Our team is committed to identifying the conflict type as per the agreement details furnished by you. We will gather documents, email communications, and all correspondence to support evidence in your case. This will be required for claim submission.


Our experts will intricately scrutinize, review and analyse all the evidence to help understand the case requirement, gaps if any and if there is further need for information to avoid delays.


PrivateCourt team of experts brainstorms to derive the most suitable & convincing strategies considering every possible scenario to settle the conflict. The team maintains complete transparency to uphold the integrity we have committed to.


Our experts will follow a step-by-step plan of action to process your case. All efforts will be channelised to convince the parties involved to arrive at the most suitable and mutually agreeable agreement.

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Decided to file a Dispute? Wait. Prepare. Get answers to a few relevant and basic questions here.

What is PrivateCourt?

PDR ORGANIZATION PRIVATE LIMITED is a technical Platform, which makes available the Information Technology-based infrastructure and expert Dispute Resolution Professionals to its members as a service, for the resolution of their disputes through alternate and appropriate dispute resolution methods.

The services provided by PDR ORGANIZATION PRIVATE LIMITED are out-of-the-court proceedings and are completely voluntary in nature.

PDR ORGANIZATION PRIVATE LIMITED is not a law firm, and the relationship between it and its clients is not an attorney-client relationship.

Why PrivateCourt?

The Government of India is promoting arbitration, due to an increase in the number of cases. The Government has made pre-mediation mandatory before you file cases in civil court. Our model is less expensive and fast.

How much time does it take to resolve a case?

It takes 60 to 90 days to resolve a case subject to the complexity and requirement of that case.

Is Privatecourt legal?

Yes, it is legal. We work under the Arbitration & Conciliation Act of India.

What is PrivateCourt dispute resolution paper?

PrivateCourt dispute resolution paper is for dispute resolution consent from both the party. This consent is taken when you execute any agreement invoice work order or purchase order.

How does the Dispute Resolution paper cover your arbitration process?

When you purchase PrivateCourt Dispute Resolution Paper, it implies you have already paid for the dispute resolution process. There is no need to pay extra fees for the dispute resolution process.

What does the Dispute Resolution Paper cover?

Dispute reservation paper covers cancellation and arbitration.

We always focus on the resolution of the dispute via conciliation. So, generally, the disputes are resolved mostly at the level of conciliation which is why there is seldom a need to go for arbitration in most cases.

Email helps both the party to understand the dispute in detail so that they can understand how they can resolve the dispute

What are the charges for the Dispute Resolution paper?

Our charges start from Rs 100 to 2500. It depends upon the type of agreement as well as the value of that agreement.

How to purchase Dispute Resolution paper?

You can purchase the Dispute Resolution paper online, offline and through our app.

Can I purchase Dispute Resolution paper for the vendor's employees?

Yes, you can purchase for employees and vendors as well. No need to buy a new agreement. You can refer to the old agreement and attach that paper as an annexure.

Can I purchase the Dispute Resolution paper for transportation as well as other small transactions?

Yes, you can purchase Dispute Resolution paper for all kinds of transactions. You can get it sent digitally.

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