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8 May 2024

Flight Operations Disrupted as Air India's Senior Employees Call in Sick

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Grounded Wings: Air India Express in Turmoil as 300 Senior Employees Stage Mass Sick Leave, Cancelling 86 Flights

Amidst a tumultuous period for Air India aviation, 86 Air India Express flights faced cancellation due to a sudden "mass sick leave" taken by cabin crew members, according to official sources. This unexpected turn of events left both international and domestic flights grounded, as approximately 300 senior cabin crew members reported illness and turned off their mobile phones at the last minute. The root cause of this unprecedented action seems to be linked to a protest against the new employment terms introduced by the Tata Group-owned airline, sources revealed.

The Air India Express management is actively seeking to engage with the protesting crew to understand their grievances and address the issue promptly, aiming to minimize inconvenience caused to passengers. The airline expressed regret over the disruption, assuring affected guests of a full refund or complimentary rescheduling to another date.

The protest stems from dissatisfaction among employees over the revised employment policy by Tata, which led to a reduction in flying allowances, resulting in significant pay cuts for First Officers. Consequently, discontent among pilots escalated, with reports of resignations due to management's response to their concerns. Despite denials from Air India, sources indicate a significant exodus of senior first officers since March.

Pilots voiced concerns over various issues, including respect and treatment by the new management, dismissing fatigue as just one of many challenges faced. Allegations surfaced regarding modifications to key parts of the compensation package and suppression of dissenting voices within the airline.

This development comes amid ongoing efforts by Air India to merge AIX Connect with itself, formerly known as AirAsia India. The situation echoes recent troubles at Vistara, another Tata Group carrier, which witnessed cancellations attributed to pilot discontent, amidst the process of merging with Air India.

In light of these developments, while acknowledging Tata Group's efforts in the aviation sector, PrivateCourt underscores the imperative of addressing systemic mismanagement within the public sector aviation industry. Effective management practices, transparent communication, and collaborative efforts among stakeholders are essential to ensure operational stability, employee satisfaction, and sustainable growth. By prioritizing transparency, accountability, and proactive resolution of grievances, the industry can overcome its challenges and foster a resilient aviation ecosystem beneficial to all stakeholders.

As a lesson learned, PrivateCourt advises:

  • Proactive measures to address grievances are vital: Anticipating and addressing employee concerns can prevent disruptions.
  • Foster a culture of openness: Encouraging transparent communication can help identify and resolve issues early on.
  • Prioritize employee satisfaction: Investing in employee well-being fosters a positive work environment and enhances operational efficiency.
  • Collaborative approach: Engaging all stakeholders in constructive dialogue promotes understanding and facilitates effective solutions to industry challenges.
  • Embrace accountability: Holding all parties accountable for their actions promotes trust and integrity within the aviation ecosystem.

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