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Choose the Right ADR Method: Different conflicts require different approaches. Whether it's mediation, arbitration, or negotiation, select the ADR method that aligns with the nature of your dispute. One size doesn’t fit all.

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Maximize your enterprise's efficiency and minimize legal risks with PrivateCourt's tailored dispute resolution solutions.

Our comprehensive solutions cover Vendor Disputes, Employee Conflicts, and other business relational issues.

Our services are designed to cater to the unique needs of enterprises, offering seamless online proceedings, fast-track resolutions, and the flexibility to resolve disputes remotely.


Stay one step ahead in the business landscape by fortifying your enterprise against future conflicts.

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We understand the challenges that arise from vendor disputes, employee conflicts, and other business relational issues. With our power-packed ADR services, you can rely on our expertise to efficiently navigate and resolve these disputes, safeguarding your enterprise's interests and promoting smooth business operations.

By partnering with PrivateCourt, you can optimize your business efficiency, minimize legal risks, and foster harmonious relationships, all while benefiting from our expert handling of dispute resolution processes.


Simple Steps towards Dispute Resolution


Our dedicated team provides assistance in negotiations with customers who have defaulted on payments.


A complete study of all documents


Assessment of the payment history of the client to establish intent


Negotiations based on legal grounds applicable on a case-to-case basis


Pre-negotiation discussions with both sides to asses possible settlement terms


Professional teams that ensure proper documentation and acceptance of settlement awarded


Follow-up and implementation of the award

We know the Problem

Unresponsive Borrowers, Lengthy Collection Processes, and High Costs of Collections

Our Solution

Debt Recovery via Conciliation & Arbitration at a minimal cost.

The Challenge

  • Banks have written off double the amount recovered in last 5 yrs: RBI data
  • The most challenging phase of the NBFC is for recovery of Loans along with interest.
  • "A CRISIL rating analysis of NBFCs shows Rs. 15 lakh crore of debt, or 65 % of outstanding debt as of March 31st, 2022, is due for pre-pricing this fiscal owing to interest reset or maturity.

Our Belief

We believe in the Sanctity of Law, Trust and Honesty

We at PrivateCourt, believe that our team can add value and deliver much better results in settling customer disputes and debt collection woes. We have set best practices with regard to dispute resolution to nurture customer confidence and long-term relationships. We practice standards of fairness, transparency in documentation and communication, and impartial evaluation.

We believe that our team can bring in much more value additions to the process of settlement as compared to the contemporary route of collection agencies, and we also bring about cost advantage.

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Our 360-degree-Recovery-Process

We understand it takes a lot to understand, identify, unfold and propose a solution to resolve a dispute.; complex strategies have to be applied to understand the human needs involved, reevaluate the issue in humanitarian ways, and build a diverse set of proposals to tackle the issue. 


After years of research and development, brainstorming ideas for PrivateCourt team experts to develop a unique, step-by-step recovery process, designed to engineer the quickest satisfactory settlement. This precise and specific Recovery process is a result of years of hard work. Today, we proudly proclaim, this watertight Recovery methodology is a solution-based approach and can take anywhere from three to five stages, depending on what the dispute is, to bring about a satisfactory settlement. 


Intense training and coaching given to the team empower them to attain an empathic understanding of the problem to tackle complex scenarios that are unknown or not ''text-book'' defined. Every stage of this non-linear iterative process leads the team to identify and define the core problem by looking at the problem from different perspectives that aims at resolving the dispute with minimal difficulty.



While the situation is highly desirable, it also comes with its own set of challenges. Every company seems to be in a race to capture as much of the market share as it can, and this, at times, leads to undesirable customer acquisitions. 


Catering to this high demand also means acquiring customers responsibly and with as much ease to them as possible. While there have been many measures taken, and while technology has grown leaps and bounds when it comes to customer acquisition and management, there is not much done in terms of an engagement model for collections and recovery. 
The old methods of arbitration and lengthy court battles still remain the single route for dispute resolution. Recovery tools are either very expensive or ineffective. The turnaround times while using contemporary methods are huge and come at a cost. The industry now needs to start looking at alternatives that are tech-savvy and also quick. 
There also has to be a human consideration to the process where good customers going through a bad patch are nurtured and helped. This is the vision with which PrivateCourt proposes to operate as a partner to Financial institutions.

Case Studies

A quick review of our case study will highlight the fact that we Practice what we preach. Our team of experts, sticking to the multi-layered recovery process, has gone the extra mile to tackle each and every case with utmost commitment and dedication to reach a settlement.

Movie Studio V. Production House

The claimant in this case is a movie studio based in Mumbai offering services of private screening and post-production works like editing, sound recording, etc.

Shipping Company V. Manufacturing Business

Brief facts giving rise to this dispute of Non-payment of the invoice: a dispute arose between the parties, who..

Post Production Studio V. Entertainment Company

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Case Studies


Why PrivateCourt


Free from S.16 Arbitration and Conciliation Act and Jurisdiction issues.


Older Disputes at the Lowest price.


Immense trust due to brand name.


No cost for conciliation and arbitration proceedings (till Award).


No need for any formal legal education to file and attend sessions.


60 Day timeline to solve all the arbitration cases.


Timely MIS and Reporting systems.


Support till the execution of the Award.


48 Hours SLA


12 Indian Languages


International coverage


Services for Financial Institutions

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