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Easy Solutions to Secure E-Commerce Transactions

"Privacy is not negotiable; it is the right of each individual". In today’s fast-growing era, technology is playing a very huge role. The internet has become a very effective tool wherein a person can access all the necessary information. It has become a medium to ease transaction, payment thereby slowly heading towards a direction of a cashless economy. In this situation it becomes very relevant to have information to keep certain things private and all the legalities to understand one’s privacy rights.

Mediation and Its Benefits

What is mediation?

Mediation is a process in which the parties discuss their dispute with the help of a third-party mediator. The two parties involved in the dispute sit down with a mediator, and discuss their dispute. The mediator’s job is to mediate, as the word suggests. Both the parties put forth their points, and via the mediator, they negotiate with each other. Effectively, the parties will come up with the resolution as the process of mediation goes forward.

Analysis on Mediation!

Don't Hate; Mediate!!

So, Let's do an analysis with the process of Mediation!!

“Mediation is a dynamic, structured and an interactive process that helps impartial third parties to resolve disputes using specialized communication and negotiation methods. All mediation participants are encouraged to actively participate in this process from a neutral perspective and the mediator assists the parties to solve the dispute via negotiation process "

Some Pros and Cons of the process:


ADR, the new skyrocket to solve e-commerce conflict !

First comes a major technological advancement. Next comes rise in business and transactions from this advancement. What’s next? Inevitably, disputes arise from the escalating business interactions involving the new technology.

For 100’s of years, commercial businesses and individuals have pursued their contractual remedies and resolved their issues by resorting to the court systems available in their jurisdictions. This will continue.

When E-Commerce Dispute Spreads an Awareness!

"People were doing business with one another through the Internet already, through bulletin boards. But on the Web, we could make it interactive, we could create an auction, we could create a real marketplace. And that’s really what triggered my imagination, if you will, and that’s what I did.”-as said by Pierre Omidyar, Founder of eBay.

No time for Long Court Procedures? Come to PrivateCourt

Everything is coming online and becoming digital, so are the businesses.

All the business platforms like renting of cars, purchase and sales of goods, groceries, buying and selling of properties, everything has come online and do you know, that now we can get justice also online. This concept is known as Online Dispute Resolution (ODR). Yes, you have heard it right. Justice, without visiting the public or the civil courts.

How can you avoid disputes?

Disputes are bound to happen wherever two people interact or work together. It is human nature, and you don’t necessarily have to agree with what everyone says. In our daily lives, we all face minute things, like quarrels, arguments and disagreements but these don’t have as big of an impact as something at work might. When you disagree with your sibling, you will probably not talk for a few hours and then get over it, but things run quite differently in the corporate world.

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