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Landlord-Tenant Disputes Are Arbitrable: Supreme Court

Landlord-tenant disputes governed by the Transfer of Property Act (TP Act) are arbitrable as they're not actions in rem but pertain to subordinate rights in personam that arise from rights in rem, the Supreme Court ruled on Monday overruling its own 2017 judgment in Himangni Enterprises v. Kamaljeet Singh Ahluwalia.


Coronavirus has carried nearly the whole world to a close stop, and India's judicial framework — infrequently known for its speed even in the best of times — is the same. Official information shows that while the foundation of new cases, both in the higher legal executive and subordinate legal executive, has descended since the start of the cross country lockdown on 25 March, the removal rate has additionally been seriously influenced because of the constrained conclusion of courts.

The Farm Bill !!!

On 27th September 2020, the President gave his assert to the three contentious agriculture bills that were earlier passed by the Parliament

The Government had said that these reforms will accelerate growth sector through private sector investment in building the infrastructure and supply chains from farm produce in National and global markets.

The Acts that come under this new policy by the Government are as follows:

Is Farm bill 2020 in favour of farmers or big corporate players?

Even tough government facing protest from opposition and a section of farmer's organisations, the Monsoon Session of the Lok Sabha passed three Bill's

1. Bill on agri market Farmer's Produce Trade and Commerce (Promotion and Facilitation) Bill, 2020

What government says about bill

Punjab State Power Corporation V/S V.EMTA Coal Ltd & Anr.

A simple technique which is used to solve disputes outside the courts, in which a third party reviews the case and imposes a decision is known as Arbitration. Arbitration is very Important in today's World, or else people will fall into the case like Punjab State Power Corporation.

Government of Haryana v. G.F. Toll Road Pvt. Ltd.

In this case, parties entered into a contract of Construction, Operation and Maintenance for Gurgaon Faridabad Road and Ballabgarh Sohna Road. The contract stated in its Arbitration clause that in case a dispute arises, three arbitrators will form the Arbitral Tribunal where each party will select one Arbitrator and the third Arbitrator shall be appointed as per the rules of the Indian Council of Arbitration (ICA).

The issues which caused the dispute between the parties were:

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