Amicable solutions to the impending disputes

Disputes are an integral part of an ever growing society whose people are struggling to make their living. They are inevitable to happen in any kind of work environment. Since it's a fact no one can resist it needs to be dealt with accordingly. That's where PrivateCourt steps in to help.

Step Away from Justice You Deserve

As a freelancer you have and going through, lost or unpaid payment or half payment or rather some Payment issue that is on loop with almost every client you face.
For which you have done nothing but to leave it be. Yes, no matter how hard you have strived with your work… But unsatisfied Value proposed with pay is never ending loop with clients you deal with.

Hard-work Pays Off

"You get what you work for, not what you wish for."

Freelancers have their own unique way of doing work. They work for a number of different organisations, with different cultures and perspectives. Often a freelancer may end up working for organisations that have a lot of expectations. They work in an environment full of constant risks where they fear that they might not get paid well or get appreciated for the work that they do.

Justice is not Luxury - by PrivateCourt

Are you tired of not getting the payments?

Are you thinking of suing the company who has not made your payment? For various reasons. Are you tired of long court procedures which are taking all your time, And you simply cannot focus on your business?

Have you thought of ending the Court procedures and settling all the payments disputes once and for all?

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