Case study of a dispute between a tenant and their landlord

Client and their partner bought an allotment in December of 2019; for privacy and legal reasons, their names will not be disclosed. The allotment was surrounded by close knit apartments, and some smaller houses. Under their Tenancy Agreement with their landlord, 70% of their lawn was to be cultivated. Initially, the client upheld their part of the agreement, digging up 2/3 of the plot and maintaining it, using ground covers to prevent the weed from growing back up.



Dispute resolution involving a third party dealer

Iraq is one of the Gulf countries that export crude oil, around 3,800,000 bbl/day. And oil is an important resource, and a number of industries import a huge amount of oils from the country.  A literal ‘gulf’ was created between two companies during the last week of November 2019 when a dispute arose between them, all due to the import of ‘crude oil’. 

Mediation: The path of win-win solutions

"Instead of working about what you cannot control, shift your energy to what you can create." -Roy T. Bennett

This quote exactly stands on how dispute arises in our lives and many people get puzzled and surrender themselves in situation instead of finding solutions of it. Problems come without invitation in life and dispute is everywhere in our life like we have some kind of issue or conflict with our colleagues or relatives.

Manufacturing Agreement Dispute Resolution

The manufacturing industry in India is a fast-growing industry. Its face has changed in the past 40-50 years drastically. There are over more than 2 lakh manufacturing units in India at present, executing various manufacturing processes. All these units and their owners have to abide by the legal requirements of the industry and deal with both national and international parties for business. In turn, resulting in various disputes and conflicts.

Digital Marketing Freelancer Payment Dispute Resolution

With the increasing scope of online business and content, the scope and demand of digital marketing is also booming. Every business wants to be visible on the world wide web and wants to expand not only the physical but the online customers. One of the most effective ways of doing so is via Digital Marketing.

The dispute between workers and the management of an automobile company

This is a case study of a dispute between workers and management of an automobile company, it is established in Gurgaon.

The company had two types of workers permanent as well as casual. There were some differences like wages, medical facilities, leaves, etc. between both types of workers. The difference cause dissatisfaction in casual workers. So those workers urge management to give them facilities like permanent workers.

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