Vodafone Wins Arbitration Against India In Tax Dispute Case

Vodafone Group Plc has won the international arbitration case against Indian government in a $2billion retrospective tax dispute case on Friday in Hague at the Permanent Court of Arbitration. The Tribunal ruled that the Indian Government’s tax imposition on Vodafone is in breach of “fair and equitable” treatment. The Arbitration Tribunal has directed the Indian Tax Department to cease seeking the dues from the company and also pay INR 40 crores as a partial compensation for the legal costs.

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The vast world consists of numerous business activities going on all around the globe. Intrapersonal and interpersonal disputes in a business is like a dime a dozen. Merely, it can not only deviate the firm's path from success but can also lead to stress and despair.

Business disputes- an overview

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Singapore Convention On Mediation Commences; Know The Key Features

The Singapore Convention, on International Settlement Agreements resulting from Mediation, came into force from September 12th, 2020. This Convention which is also known as the United Nations Convention, was the first it’s kind tone named after Singapore. This Convention on Mediation has been set up to bring a significant development in International Commercial Dispute resolution.

Resolved Through Arbitration Medium

COVID-19 the threat to our humankind, well it's also a threat to the industrial sectors due to the lockdowns followed in our country. But it was proved a boon for the virtual industries. The online connectivity apps, other online services could be provided without stepping out from the home.

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Uttarakhand Purva Sainik Kalyan Nigam Ltd. Vs. Northern Coal Field Ltd.

Technology, Problem or Savior?

With the updated technology, everything is digitalized now. Who would have thought in 1990, that the internet culture would be so much boomed in our country that every individual will have accessed to the internet?

In the 1990s, telephones were also a new concept, but now every individual has a phone. Not only this, but the up-gradation is also such that, every person has access to the internet which has made the possible reforms to digitalize every platform.

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