To start a new era in Alternative dispute resolution new arbitration and mediation rules is launched by JICAM

(JICAM) the Janada international centre for arbitration and mediation has launched arbitration and mediation rules in Abuja. It is believed that arbitration and mediation rules will contribute in development of ADR and this will also provide opportunities to Nigerian arbitrators to catch with other parts of the globe. The trustees of JICAM board believe that ADR offers benefit to FDI and economic growth.

How Are Mediation And Negotiation Different From Each Other? Which One Is A Better Process?

Mediation and Negotiation are the methods of Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR). Mediation is a method where a dispute between two parties is resolved in the presence and involvement of a third party called “Mediator” while Negotiation is a method in which parties in dispute try to reach a same point by discussion. Though both Mediation and Negotiation are similar in many ways, they are different by a few points.

Amazon Approaches Siac To Halt Future Group-Reliance Industries Deal

Amazon has approached the non-profit Singapore International Arbitration Centre (SIAC) over the legality of Future-Reliance deal claiming that the deal had violated it’s 2019 contract when it had acquired the stake in Future Coupons. Amazon claims that the acquisition of Future Group by Reliance Retail is a violation of a non-compete clause and a right-of-first-refusal pact it had signed with the Future Group, in line with a Stock Exchange Filing by Future Retail in August, 2019.

How Are Arbitration and Mediation Different From Each Other? Can A Dispute Be Resolved Using Both of Them?

Arbitration and Mediation are Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) procedures. Arbitration is a process in which a binding decision is made by the arbitrator(s). Mediation is a process in which both the parties, with the interference of an independent third party known as Mediator, engage in a negotiation by discussing the key points to disputes and settle the issue. Although both Arbitration and Mediation are ADRs, they both are different in their own ways.

Panama Canal Authority (ACP) Wins Arbitration Against GUPC Consortium

The Panama Canal Authority (ACP) won the arbitration ruling case in a long-standing dispute related to cost overruns against Grupo Unidos por el Canal (GUPC), a consortium which constructed the Expanded Panama Canal. The ruling was given by a Miami-based Arbitration court on Friday, according to which $265 million shall be returned to the Panama Canal Authority(ACP) by GUPC. The dispute was initiated in 2015, which mainly focused on the cost overruns largely dealing with the concrete quality.

Comtroller an audit general (CAG) busts myth of reduced tax dispute.

At the CIT appeals, the locked up amount rising from rupees 5.19lac crores in 2017-18 to 5. 63 lac crose in 2018 -19. Even though a series of dispute resolution initiative included in the latest ‘vivad se viswas' which was scheme an Oft-articulated commitment to reduce the backlog of litigation by withdrawing frivolous pleas, the governments tax officers at the field level seem to have relented little when it comes to tax aggression.

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