PrivateCourt offers a simple online & offline solution to help resolve your disputes with your clients worldwide.


Courts are important as they help to protect our basic constitutional rights as well as fundamental rights under the law. The cases from both the parties are heard by the judges and this process ensures that all the cases are decided in a fair and consistent manner. They also provide a space to resolve the disputes or the problems so that laws are enforced in a fair and rational manner. It also ensures the equality of the individuals as well as it guarantees liberty, social order and maintains the rule of law.

Regarding the solution of disputes and problems, PrivateCourt being a reputed firm provides online as well as offline solutions to help resolve the problems with various clients throughout the world. The mission of PrivateCourt is pretty simple. It ensures in the reduction of hostility among the clients by providing a sense of control in both the parties as well. It also prepares the client for the acceptance of the outcome. Its main aim is to resolve the disputes in a peaceful manner without any further unnecessary drama. Also, the best part of availing the facilities of private court is the usage of privacy even in finding out the resolution of disputes. The definition of the social model provided by the PrivateCourt is socially viable. It tries to reach out every person ensuring the justice is economic s well as efficient. The sense of justice is guaranteed to a greater extent in every case.


Consider an instance where some group of survivors are stranded on an island with adequate supplies for twenty days. The survivors are well aware of the fact that a search party will rescue them on the twenty first day. A person, out of greed for more, sneaks quietly and consumes two days of food meant for the whole group. When the group discovers what has happened, they confront the person who cunningly reasons with the group that there was no rule or law which forbade eating more. As the group consisted of educated men and women, both young and old, they knew his reasoning was correct and they could not do anything to get the food back. As a result, they starved for two whole days during which a few old people fell ill and could not make it. Absence of law provides an opportunity to go against the general foundation of the society. It goes against one’s conscience. The fear of punishment is absent which contributes to the growing confidence of the wrong-doer that he or she can get away with anything. This disturbs the balance of our civilized society encouraging more and more people to take to this habit.


PrivateCourt assists in contract disputes such as:

  • Purchasing Contracts
  • Service Contracts
  • Manufacturing
  • Equipment
  • Commercial landlords
  • E-commerce
  • Freelancing Contracts
  • Employing Contracts

Also, PrivateCourt aids its clients to acquire justice by solving purchasing contracts disputes including

  • Money fraud
  • Conflicts regarding good faith estimates.
  • Misrepresentation of contract terms and fraud in contract.
  • Mistake in verifying signatures (for example, failed to check their identification or failed to actually witness the signing).


The method involved in PrivateCourt mainly includes the proper usage of arbitration. Arbitration can be described as a procedure where both the parties coming in because of a common dispute voluntarily agrees to submit their claims to an independent third party in order to solve the dispute without calling in the need of a court case. The decision made by the independent third party is legally binding as such decisions are usually in accordance with the Arbitration Act 1996.

Crime rates and all such problems are increasing day by day but these won’t stop all of a sudden. For the resolution of such cases, people take the help of public courts for justice but already lakhs of cases are pending there as a result of which there is a lot of delay in the process and many people don’t even bother to go to these public courts to seek the justice that they deserve. Victims in the process of seeking justice gets more traumatized in the process to seek justice. Here comes the PrivateCourt which is an online dispute resolution company which provides resolution to its customers against the disputes in the simplest as well as the fastest way is not only impartial and accurate in its decisions but also pocket friendly too, much cheaper than the public courts as well. This firm provides flexibility of procedure as the parties can control and take charge of the process. It maintains full confidentiality and privacy. Also, the service is being provided all the time.

Justice is important for the proper functioning of the commercial relationships in today’s world. If a dispute is not solved by a mutual consultation then it should be done as quickly as possible with the help of an independent third party’s decision. Thus, PrivateCourt’s contributions can be taken into account in this respect.

-By Tania Paul

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