PrivateCourt offers a simple online & offline solution to help resolve your disputes with your clients worldwide.

what kind of commercial litigation should be considered by parties before bringing a claim at PrivateCourt and how does they use mediation and arbitration combinedly to solve disputes?

PrivateCourt is an organisation whose main motive is to provide simple, faster and online justice to all. Approaching the court for your dispute is a lengthier and time-consuming process which delays the justice. But “ justice delayed is justice denied. So the question comes how to resolve disputes ? the answer is simple approach privateCourt .It is an organisation that deals in online dispute management. PrivateCourt seems to be the best option for resolving
dispute. Privatecourt resolves any type of contract dispute right from money fraud to mistake in verifying signature. Any type of service dispute like breach of payment term, change in service contract to compliance issue. Manufacturing dispute like IPR ownership, sales term and conditions etc are resolved easily by privateCourt .other contract disputes such as tenant dispute, service contract dispute and Employment contract dispute are also resolved by PrivateCourt .

PrivateCourt is a third party so it is neutral to both the parties .it uses arbitration , mediation and negotiation to resolve the dispute. mediation is a process where privatecourt assist disputing parties in resolving the dispute through communication. Arbitration in this process disputing parties agree that the third party can make a decision .decisions maker is the arbitrator. And at process of negotiation parties reach a compromise . Both the parties are
benefited in this process . A combination of mediation and arbitration is the best way to resolve dispute. In this process a neutral partner is present. Their process to provide justice is very simple and cost friendly. Both the parties put forth their points in front of mediator. mediator is someone who has great negotiation skills, is a good listener, has knowledge about human behavior and an articulate speaker as well. They are usually experts in their field of
the dispute. It is usually a Win-Win solution but if they fail to negotiate from mediator there matter passes to arbitrate and he is the final decision maker and this process is known as mid-arb process.

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