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Step Away from Justice You Deserve

As a freelancer you have and going through, lost or unpaid payment or half payment or rather some Payment issue that is on loop with almost every client you face.
For which you have done nothing but to leave it be. Yes, no matter how hard you have strived with your work… But unsatisfied Value proposed with pay is never ending loop with clients you deal with.

But we can help you create your value? We may not help you find one clients but, we can definitely never let you loose your any payment you have worked for. ‘We can break the loop of unpaid and pending payments’
We can help you with the legal implications of your job.

PrivateCourt help you forge a legally binding connection with the company you are going to be hired in. This user friendly, time saving and fast judgement technique can help you solve any dispute that may arise within your freelancer work.

For instance, let's take the case of Deepika, a freelance writer from Haryana, who was hired by a publishing company. Since she had already read about PrivateCourt's experiences and skills in solving civil Disputes all over India, she decided to choose the best available option. She registered into PrivateCourt's portal, paid for a yearly subscription and secured herself into a safe zone.

She Decided to stand on the clear ground with Arbitration Clause in contracts and agreements for any future work

After a few months of work and even after the previously declared deadline, she didn't receive her payment. When enquired she was not dealt with warm gestures, but in fact the opposite happened. As days passed, her workload seemed to increase but there was no information regarding the payment.

The she stopped her work and did not did as the decided payment was not released for last to milestone she was about to receive. She though the company was about to abandon her without giving her amount as per decided value she had provided.

She immediately contacted PrivateCourt and as she already had an active membership her case was soon taken into notice.

Both the parties were called. Both presented their cases and reach to a mutual point of agreement within less than 5 days.

The company extended apologies for the unprofessional behaviour and made a pact with Deepika promising that it won't happen again. Deepika now had a stage and a platform where she could seek her justice and get the payment for the value she had proposed.

Judgement was made and Award was settled to Deepika by the arbitrators at PrivateCourt. This is just one among the many civil disputes going on in the outside world and it is the freelance workers who are particularly and gravely affected by its consequences. Through a simple and tactical move of PrivateCourt, Deepika was able to get the justice she truly deserved.

With 4.56 million cases pending in high court and 31.5 million cases pending in district court, the need for PrivateCourt is highly prevalent in today's times. PrivateCourt is an online dispute resolution platform specifically designed for businesses, both local and international.

The flexibility of the process and the timely judgement provided by arbitration has made Business smooth running and have done great at ease of doing business in full strength.

Your one wise decision can grant you the justice you truly deserve. Work smart and make PrivateCourt a part of your professional life. Register with PrivateCourt.

- By Teenu Tresa Francis

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