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To start a new era in Alternative dispute resolution new arbitration and mediation rules is launched by JICAM

(JICAM) the Janada international centre for arbitration and mediation has launched arbitration and mediation rules in Abuja. It is believed that arbitration and mediation rules will contribute in development of ADR and this will also provide opportunities to Nigerian arbitrators to catch with other parts of the globe. The trustees of JICAM board believe that ADR offers benefit to FDI and economic growth.

The chairman, chief Joy -kyari gadzam said" I strongly believe that the launch of JICAM arbitration and mediation rules 2020 will usher in a new era in the realms of our alternative dispute resolution engagements, which is in the long run, will contribute significantly to development of ADR both locally and internally.

He further added “ JICAM is fully equipped with state-of-the-art facilities , with its rules and guidelines accommodating both Ad Hoc and institutional arbitration. Furthermore ,our reputable arbitration and mediation Centre is aimed at providing a neutral, efficient, effective and convenient venue for the resolution of both domestic and international dispute using ADR.

“it is not out of place to opine that the mechanisms open to parties seeking to resolve their commercial dispute swiftly and efficiently, arbitration and mediation are arguably the most effective. The remain major aspects of commercial agreement in 21st century. “ the advantages of ADR in our legal landscape can’t be overemphasized and leads to the safe conclusion that area of a significant benefit of foreign direct investment, economic growth and development. Indeed , arbitration and mediation offers a viable alternative to the protected litigation/ Court battles formed to dominate the Nigerian legal landscape

Gadzama added “ some States, however, have their separate arbitration clause, example ;Lagos state arbitration law 2009. Despite the subsistence of arbitration and conciliation act and state laws however, there is a need for the JICM arbitration and mediation rules 2020 , which as act today is the latest globally”

The chairman of JICAM governing Council, justice Ibrahim Auta (rtd) ,said as place of arbitration includes as an online destination, the provision in the rulebook took care of dilemma arbitrators Mein face while whilst while attempting to conduct proceeding virtually .

Justice Auta, represented by Mrs Diabe okoko,said “ the idea to have the JICAM rules was conceived years ago , in fact some of our members suggested its launching at the Inception of centre in 2015 because we had envisioned the creation of the rules before now ,I can categorically state that one of the factor which led to execution of these rules in current covid-19 pandemic.

“as we understand it, the internet and connectivity issues are problems which may be pointed at as deterrents to conducting such proceedings, “similarly, the rules, like other rules, may be adopted by parties without necessary using Our centre for the arbitral proceedings. The main aim of publishing this set of rules is to be advanced the arbitration community and give parties varying options as to which rules they may adopt for the expedient resolution of their disputes. The JICAM rules may thus complement the arbitration and conciliation act or any other law parties adopt in their agreement”.

Member of JICAM government council, professor Paul idornigie stated that the country must prepare for virtual hearing, as physical hearing have been affected post covid-19.

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