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In tough times, it becomes unfathomably hard to maintain relations which are cordial, especially when the going goes rough and there is very little hope. Ideas and perceptions are very self-centered and do not tend to change until the waters up to our necks. But when the waters up the neck, the end is almost near and we have missed the opportunity to safeguard our interests. And that's when we identify ways to escape this massive tsunami that proceeds to take us by our necks, but we also find ways to avoid such a storm. EVER!

Today, when everything is self-centered, we still hope for an idea that explains the thought of peace and cordiality. One such idea is PrivateCourt. A Mumbai based entity, that undertakes the service of mediation, arbitration and negotiation of CIVIL CASES. And this genius of an idea was something that rescued Dhawal from losing a huge chunk of money which was the result of his intellectual hard work.

Dhawal came to the metropolitan city of Bengaluru, in order to pursue his dream career as an author. He was a graduate from Tier-1 Literature school in Delhi, and had a massive box of research papers published. He specialised in the research around the idea of Gender Stereotypes. Such a heavy Resumé would obviously put him on the market with the highest prospectus, and that was the very case in Bengaluru. Lately, Bengaluru has emerged as one of the pioneer cities in the publishing sector. A massive number of authors and scholars are commissioned to conduct their studies which are published into markets where intellectual works are hailed! A fancy investigative research organisation commissioned Dhawal to conduct his research in the growing idea of gender sensitisation in colleges. He was asked to make rounds to all the ivy universities in India, and conduct his research over a period of eight months, which would completely be paid for by the organisation.

The offer was good, enthralling and included a well laid exit cheque after the publishing. Dhawal took upon this mammoth task. He along with his associate started conducting their research all over these universities, and everything was being funded by the magazine. Everything seemed fine. These six months were so intellectually nourishing, and the research was panning out well.

But one day, out of the blue, Dhawal was called into Bengaluru from his last site of research, Pune. He was told by the editor-in-chief that they’d have to let go of this research, since they don’t think it was a viable study to fund. They had embarked upon another research which was going to be massive and huge in discovery. In good spirit, they even proposed a contract to Dhawal wherein they said he could restart his research after a year or so. This wasn’t acceptable by him. He wasn’t ready to let go of the research, nor ready to postpone it. The organisation knew and were empathetic towards him, but they were also tied up in this massive opportunity which seemed way too good in front of Dhawal’s research.

This was a tough phase, and the organisation always dealt in good faith. They led their functioning in a very ethical and moral fashion. They always knew the perks and repercussions of running an organisation which would see such intense last minute disputes. They also valued their intellectual resources persons, and hence, they always made their agreement and contracts via PrivateCourt, which drafts contracts with an arbitration clause, just in case they’d have to approach that door. Dhawal’s contract was also under PrivateCourt. A meeting was called in immediately. An expert, unbiased team was appointed by PrivateCourt who tried to mediate and negotiate this breakout. It was a matter of time that a very efficient deal was cracked. The deal said that the organisation will be paying to finish the last leg of the research, while Dhawal will be publishing the research with his own funds, but under the mother publications of the Organisation, but the royalties would be under him. This was a fair and efficient deal that was brokered, which seemed to have pleased both Dhawal and the organisation.

When such disputes arise, especially when both the parties are in good faith, it becomes totally poisonous to knock the doors of litigation. When both the parties have something to lose, and when both parties are ready to be civil and considerate, it's always ideal to accept a middle Ground, and this middle ground can be reached via PrivateCourt by paying up a very minimal annual membership fee!

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