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Privatecourt - A Recommended Dispute Resolution Organisation

India is a country with vast opportunities to conduct various businesses. These businesses may be small or large enterprises. They may be of a Sole proprietorship, a Partnership or a Company or any other in nature. Where there is money involved, there is a high chance of disputes among the parties involved. Sustaining a business with a dispute free environment is a real challenge for any entrepreneur. If there is dispute arising in an enterprise internally or externally, the parties related to the dispute approach the courts to resolve their dispute.

An estimated 20% cases of 3.5crore pending small cases are commercial cases, according to the survey conducted in 2019. According to the Arcadis Global Construction Dispute report 2020, the global average time taken to resolve a dispute is 15 months, while in India, the average time to resolve a dispute is 7-8 years. This is one of the leading causes of delivery delays and cost overruns in the projects. India stands in 163rd position in contract enforcement . Apart from this, most of the enterprises do not approach courts as the costs that incur until the dispute resolution are high and there might be reputation damage for which their business might be highly affected.

The Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) may not afford to pay the costs. This is where organisation like Privatecourt can settle the disputes with low costs and high confidentiality. Privatecourt is a private organisation that deals with the dispute resolutions through Arbitration, Mediation and Negotiation. Also, the Privatecourt provides services of all legal proceedings for commencement of business, legal processes required for any other issues related to the business, disputes related to Employment Contract, Lease Contract, Freelancing Contract, E-Commerce , Internal disputes, etc., at a very low subscription cost of INR 14,400 per annum.

The disputes in the Privatecourt are dealt in such a way that the relationships of parties at dispute and their reputation are preserved and settled within a limited time charging low fees. There will be less complexity in the dispute resolution process and the dispute is settled through Arbitration, Mediation or Negotiation as required.

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