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Partnership Dispute Resolution

Dispute resolution or dispute settlement is a procedure through which disputes, conflict, or claims between two parties is resolved.

The dispute is a part of the business but some dispute effect negative which leads to financial and reputation loss. In India most common type of dispute is partnership dispute. Here is a case of a partnership dispute.

This case is from Delhi (India) were two friends started a business of property dealing. At initial their business was running smoothly but after that dispute arises between them. This dispute arose because details in the partnership agreement are not clear, no authority of share between partners and financial disputes.

A partnership agreement should have clear-cut details which could be done with the help of an attorney but first of all, the partners should talk about their dispute and try to solve it.

In case disputes between them worsen, they should hire a mediator. The mediator is the third person who is a member of Privatecourt which helps to resolve the case. Both partners share their dispute to a mediator who solves their case by mediation.

Mediation is a process of dispute resolution in which the parties discuss their dispute with the assistance of a trained impartial third person (s) who assist them in reaching the settlement.


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