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No time for Long Court Procedures? Come to PrivateCourt

Everything is coming online and becoming digital, so are the businesses.

All the business platforms like renting of cars, purchase and sales of goods, groceries, buying and selling of properties, everything has come online and do you know, that now we can get justice also online. This concept is known as Online Dispute Resolution (ODR). Yes, you have heard it right. Justice, without visiting the public or the civil courts.

PrivateCourt is the answer. PrivateCourt helps you to get justice, which is very easy, online(ODR), a better option and helps you to resolve dispute matters you face in the business while sitting at our comforts. It will not be expensive like the civil or public courts and plus it will be provided very early.

Kind of shocked and confused? Right.

So let me introduce you to the concept of PrivateCourt.

PrivateCourt is an entity that focusses on providing you justice by the formula of mediation, counselling and arbitration. It is the law-bound body just like the public courts or the civil courts, but done in a very private capacity, without huge costs of litigation and the terms are amicable for either of the parties

They have a team of lawyers, arbitrators and counsellors to help the businesses professionally.

Any business disputes which are related to payments, misrepresentation of contracts, misrepresentation of terms and conditions, invoice preparation, contract making, agreement-making, the making of invoice terms and conditions, PrivateCourt will help you.

Let me quote you how PrivateCourt helped a person named Parth in his business for your better understanding.

As it is rightly said that, "Getting regular payments is very necessary for the business to run, or else, the business will see downfall because of bad debts and no working capital".

Parth had a business of selling marbles. He did great sales and achieved milestones in his business but he received payments very late because his industry generally required at least 60 days credit period.

Parth gave 60 days of credit period to all but he received payments sometimes even after 60 days.

He had a very reputed client from the hotel industry, his total sales comprise 60% of sales to that hotel. Everything was fine but that hotel used to make payment very late and this time, it crossed 120 days. This affected his working capital a lot as his lot of money was invested with the hotel and their non- payment could lead to his insolvency. He asked for the payments but the hotel refused saying that they needed time.

Parth was registered with PrivateCourt and asked PrivateCourt for their help but he was tensed as he would not be able to meet them. He was out of town and therefore, he could not meet PrivateCourt or the hotel but he wanted his payments badly, so he asked PrivateCourt if anything was possible.

PrivateCourt understood his problem and made him understand that they work online, the dispute resolution takes place online (ODR) and there are no issues if he is out of town. PrivateCourt first issued notices to the hotel for the payments of the amount. But the hotel did not make any payment even after issuing notices, therefore, PrivateCourt arranged a meeting between Parth and the hotel for resolving the disputes of non-payment. Hotel owner kept on saying that they don't have money and they will pay later to which PrivateCourt intervened. PrivateCourt brought his notice to the terms and conditions of the Invoices which was prepared by PrivateCourt itself. Sale invoices clearly mentioned the terms and conditions of the payments, time limits and interest applicable, if there is non-payment or late payment.

As everything was in written format and was in contractual form, Hotel owner got scared of losing his hotel's reputation and made the payment without any delay. Thus, PrivateCourt intervention helped Parth getting payments with interest and not losing his customer at the same time and also helped the Hotel, as everything was done privately and there was no loss of reputation.

This way, you can also get your disputes resolved online and get justice in no time, by the team of experts, PrivateCourt.

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