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The PrivateCourt… Find out How & Why?

'At the end it all depends on the smart choices you make in life.'

Life may be ripping you apart but if you still have a choice, hold on to it and make it worth it!!!!
Day by day, the number of aspirants following their passions and taking up jobs of their interests are increasing rapidly. With the growing trends of the world, new systems need to be put in place. There are some things that tend to hold on to us even when we are good. Some people Create Problems which ultimately results in mental stress and so do on work. For which you cannot run towards court every now and then. But, there is a system who can help you out, PrivateCourt. It is a novel Organization, trying to help out working community with all kinds of disputes, that can create problems in ones Mental, Monitory, and Personal life.

The overload of cases at courts all over the country and the incapability of solving it amicably has resulted in the need of a much better system at work. That's exactly where PrivateCourt makes its mark. It deals with any legal disputes that arise at your workplace.

For which, The company or an Individual should have Privetcourt clause in their agreement, the position to solve an dispute is placed and security of the agreement is ensure with it.

All you have to do is register at PrivateCourt and make them an active part of your professional journey. The results would be amusing as it has been stated by a lot of satisfied customers.

This is a story with some similar experiences:

Ankita lives on the outskirts of Delhi and is working as a technical engineer at the nearest IT company. After successful completion of 1 year of service, she began quite liking the job and the office she worked in. But soon everything took a turn when she didn't receive the month end payment that was on due. She waited for a few days and connected with the company officials but nothing good came out of it. There was no warning, nor did they inform any details about salary.

After two months of work without pay. She was managing without payment but when she could not take any more. So Instead of doing nothing about it, like most of others in this situation would do. she had already taken the smart decision of registering to PrivateCourt right at the beginning of her career.
Immediately she communicated with the respective officials at PrivateCourt and shared her grievance. Soon after this, a third party was called upon who acted as the arbitrator between her and the company in question. The manager of the company who Provided the appropriate reason of the late payment. How company was going to heavy loss and he too was facing issue and somehow, if they had to continue any further they will need to wait. She presented her side of story…

both came to the understanding and she received her payment for the survival and company too prevented from losing their good worker.
That's exactly where Ankita received her justification and justice of survival.

The arbitrator was able to negotiate between the clients and reach a reasonable climax. The company officials realised their mistake that others too can come in for justice. So it was better to be clear and they too made on board with Privatecourt for if any dispute arises in Future. It became a win-win situation for both parties and they went back to their normal course of life.

“The story of Ankita reiterates the need of PrivateCourt in every working man's life as these kinds of disputes are likely to happen anywhere whether you like it or not”.

So the best thing a person can do before signing into work is to make a smart choice and register with PrivateCourt.

- By Teenu Tresa Francis

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