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Labour Strike, Problem? We have a solution.

In India, we have so many industries. Every day, we see a new industry joining in the market. With the increasing industries, the rate of labour employment increases. Labour is the crux of production and without them, the industry will not run and thus, the industry will face a lot of problems.

Generally, all the business houses try to fulfil their employees' demands and labour's demands, so that they work in an efficient and effective way. But there are various times when the business houses cannot fulfil their demands and face a lot of repercussions.

Labourers have demands, like the issue of bonus, getting paid for overtime, hike in salary, advances against salary but management doesn't provide due to some financial constraint and sometimes, management wants their demands to be fulfilled like a sudden increase in production to complete the project, payment of salaries sometime later, which labour can't don't understand and it creates havoc and it causes labourers to strike.

Labour strike is very disturbing, and it shuts the business down very badly. To get going with the production and run the company, the management has to fulfil their demands without really liking them. And sometimes, labourers have to lower their demands because they know nothing will work which is against their will. Sometimes, labour wins and sometimes management wins.

Well, if I say that this situation will be handled in a better way, and it can be a win-win situation for both of the parties, then?

Yes, that is true. This situation can become a win-win situation for the labour, and for the management too if there is a mediation party (PrivateCourt) in between.

Mediation means to solve the dispute between two disputed parties by using special techniques such as negotiation. When an impartial party (whose decisions are binding) solves the dispute using his expertise, it becomes easy to open up about the problems faced by them and what they need.

So, in case of any dispute, when a mediator interferes, it becomes a win-win situation for the parties. Herein, where labour wants their salary to increase for their shifts or get a bonus and management wants to increase the production, PrivateCourt will interfere, listen to both parties, understand their needs and wants and will provide justice to the both parties.

One such case happened when a business house involved in manufacturing business wanted to increase the production but labour went on strike citing pay issues. Manufacturing Business heard of PrivateCourt and contacted them with the issue.

PrivateCourt mediated between both the parties and after analysing both the parties' situation, suggested management to pay overtime and increase the production, and if the labours don't want to work overtime, they can increase a shift.

So, let's understand about PrivateCourt more.

PrivateCourt is a firm which introduced many new concepts in India and changed its way of settling disputes within or outside the organisation. They focus on settling businesses disputes via alternative dispute resolution techniques like mediation, arbitration, counselling and negotiation.

You can get these benefits of solving the disputes by becoming a member of PrivateCourt. You can become a member by paying a minimal amount as membership fees which is annual.

When you become a member, you can avail various other benefits like the insertion of an arbitration clause in the agreement. Further, they assist you with the formation of contracts and agreements. You can avail multiple mediation services annually, whatever business dispute it is, you can come to PrivateCourt. They will help you with every dispute resolution.

They have solved various cases, and the shortest time in which a case is solved is 38 minutes. So, you can be assured about getting the results within time. They have solved employment-related issues, contract (purchase contract or service contracts) related issues, misrepresentation of contract related issues, equipment purchase-related issues, leasing issues, freelancing and e-commerce issues. So whatever is your problem, we are at your service.

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