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Anything is possible in this technologically evolving world, it’s in human nature to adapt to the changes and make themselves comfortable.

As the world is evolving more and more, a person is also becoming aware of the rights that an individual holds like equality, justice, same pay to both genders, democracy, the right to be heard, and many more, all this is becoming possible with the help of social media. Social media has made EVERYTHING possible that a person can think of, right from transferring money instead of going to the bank, finding love, news, entertainment, and many more, in this era, social media holds the power of making a person or a product famous by sitting at home.

Due to Covid-19, the world came to a standstill, but also there were many people who started their own business and started promoting it on social media, the public started to support the small businesses around the world.


Small business is defined as a privately owned corporation, partnership, or sole proprietorship that has fewer employees and less annual revenue than a corporation or regular-sized business. Starting a small business does not require any particular degree or a big office, it can be started by anyone and anywhere.

As new trends and innovative ideas are being introduced, making money has become easier and faster, as compared to the previous times. Some of the ideas to make money are: Freelancing for professionals, food and beverage business, blogging, boutique, digital marketing, custom jewelry, and many more.

You don’t always need a lot of capital to get a business up and running. In fact, sometimes you can get started with little to no funding. Starting a business with no money might initially seem like a far-fetched idea, but it’s not impossible.


A business venture tends to rely on debt financings such as a business loan or a short-term loan to finance the necessary expense of offices, employees, and the product/service that will be offered. However, business debt can be caused by numerous other things like external factors, mistakes, or neglect.

Companies often use debt when constructing their capital structure because it has certain advantages to equity financing. In general, using debt helps keep profits within a company and helps secure tax savings. There are ongoing financial liabilities to be managed, however, which may impact your cash flow.


The PrivateCourt is India’s first private court that can assist you with any trade or business regarding problems coming your way. It is the private body on which you can rely blindly. The PrivateCourt can uphold your business legitimately, with its solid group of legal counselors.

With a proper study and scope of Arbitration in India and the involvement of Courts in its process, we can conclude that the legal counselors have made the process of Arbitration simple and straightforward so that a person who is new can also grasp the basics of the procedure without facing any difficulty.


1. Providing free service to small businesses and differently-abled businesses in debt or in any legal situation, PrivateCourt is there to help you with any difficulty coming your way, so that a business can function smoothly.
2. As a member, request free custom contract writing and dispute resolution clause for your invoice, work order, and bills.
3. Request PrivateCourt to invoke the Arbitration clause and ask for online and offline meetings with the other party.
4. PrivateCourt team always tries to negotiate first so that you can continue your business relationship. If negotiated then PrivateCourt will share the settlement paper.
5. 90% get negotiates for small claims. In the case of Mediation and Arbitration. PrivateCourt will set up an online or offline meeting. It may take 1 hour to 4 hours to resolve the issue.
6. After the resolution, our legal team will share the award(judgment) paper with you within 5 working days.


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