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Are you tired of not getting the payments?

Are you thinking of suing the company who has not made your payment? For various reasons. Are you tired of long court procedures which are taking all your time, And you simply cannot focus on your business?

Have you thought of ending the Court procedures and settling all the payments disputes once and for all?

Well, It was hard before, but today thangs have changed. A substitute that can resolve your long, complex and stressful disputes with Quick, efficient and flexible stance of justice. Privatecourt is the option where you can say that this is all possible, where you can get all these facilities by just registering yourself with the PrivateCourt.

So, you might be wondering, what is PrivateCourt and why you should register and what are the benefits of registering yourself with PrivateCourt.

Private Court is the organization concept where you can solve your payment civil disputes. In simple words, we can say that Private Court is a substitute for the public court where you can get justice in no time and all your issues can be settled without much loss of your customers, time, money.

PrivateCourt resolve disputes with with mediation and arbitration works.

Mediation means involvement of an impartial third party in between two parties who are having disputes in order to solve them. And Arbitration is a procedure in which a dispute is submitted, by agreement of the parties, to one or more arbitrators who make a binding decision on the dispute.

Business can incorporate Arbitration clause within their contract or agreements to enforce their legal stand, wherein if in future any dispute arises regarding the payment or any misunderstanding of contract, Privetcourt will Mediate as neutral third party. You can register by paying a peanut amount for contract enforcement. The link can help you get there.

"Privetcourt is a socially viable product, meant to provide justice who seek."

So, Let's understand through an example, how a Private Court works:

A person named Satyapal, leased a Machinery Equipment for a period of 5 years from a firm, who provided assets on lease. He was not so literate and therefore, he signed the lease agreement without knowing what is written in the contract. The lease agreement stated that the payment has to be made within the 5th of January of every year, if he doesn’t pay, he will have to bear the charges of interest at the rate of 18% per month.

Satyapal made the payment for the first four years on time but in the last year, due to some technical issues, he could not pay within the time and contacted them that he will pay next month.
and few months pass by the rate of interest was increasing as per time. The firm said that the payment should be made or they will be under authority to cease the Machinery Equipment along with the machine Satyapal owned… after couple of months of struggle. The whole Machinery was ceased.

Satyapal did not know how to tackle this. So he went to a law firm, and asked for guidance. He knew one thing if he takes this in court. He will lose couple of years of his life and money as well. so he started searching and he was suggested for Privatecourt. He went to them and told them about the problem.

PrivateCourt arranged a meeting and mediated between them. Mediation is a private process where a neutral third person called a mediator helps the parties discuss and try to resolve the dispute. When Private Court mediated, the company also understood that they cannot take the Machinery Equipment as he paid the amount for four years continuously and as Satyapal is ready to pay for the 5th year too, they should wait for the payment. And he dispute settled for installed payments, the reason was their long relations. Payment was the one part but the company trusted to take another chance.

Both the parties help a conversation where both stood to continue the business with each other. Yet the case was against Satyapal… Dispute was solved with mediation with affordable cost and affordable time.

PrivateCourt Arbitartion clause can secure your payment that can enforce you with security beforehand.

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