PrivateCourt offers a simple online & offline solution to help resolve your disputes with your clients worldwide.

How do you deal with not getting paid by the client?

What to do if the Client doesn’t pay, half-pay, does not reply, don’t look like he will pay back ever after, and the list goes on and on. And believe me, these things happen all the time, no matter if the client is big or small, individual or a company.

Now who all suffer from this kind of problems?

Exactly Telling, we all do. Unless the company is Reliance or Tata, as they have a legal department of their own or except the multinational companies.

Always, we are the one on the facing end. Problems like money dues and payment recovery.

There are many blogs on the internet & websites regarding, how to collect the money you own?  

But not even a single source is reliable except one, registering a case in a public court.

Now when the matter reaches the court, we all know how long it is going to take. so as a businessman, entrepreneur, freelancers, vendors, shopkeeper, MSME's, startups, industry or as an Indian, we avoid the legal process, to save our time, money, stress against some couple of bucks or even large amounts in Lakhs. So Instead of going to the Public court we prefer new clients and start our work again, and the loop goes on and on.

for which I have a solution, probably the best and one of its kind!

The Private court, Indias first private court that can help you with all these struggles of money, right from small payment recoveries to the huge amount of fraud. Recovery from common man to multinational companies. A private body on which you can rely on. For all your payment recoveries & future securities, legally. Also, Private court registers precautions for your future business. So that no dispute should occur and even if it does, the matter should get sorted without harming your relations.

How can The Private Court help you?

Assume, You are best in your work, but it is always awkward to ask clients about payment. It can get nasty, you might even lose your potential client. Now, think about a legal party that does these things for you. All the client's anger handling part or, due recover part, done by your legal department. The private Court can support your business legally, with its strong team of lawyers and arbitrators. You get a backup of 'The Law'. So that you can be stress-free and easily concentrate on you’re a part of work in business, and grow without ‘worrying about money ’.

Backup your past and secure your future with the Private court at a very reasonable price, Now instead of leaving or worrying about money, just Grow!

Indias first Private court in your pockets now.  

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