PrivateCourt offers a simple online & offline solution to help resolve your disputes with your clients worldwide.

How to choose #Arbitration or #Mediation Center

1. Read about the #rules. Choose the best fit's for your organization.

Example - PrivateCourt follows the Med-Arb process so it is easy for you to resolve your dispute in the process itself with the proper settlement agreement. Also, PrivateCourt appoints observers until settlement terms are completed. It is beneficial for Corporate Companies or MNC's to resolve disputes.

2. Check whether they have full-time arbitrators or mediators or they are on an ad-hoc basis.

Example - PrivateCourt always works with Full-time arbitrators and mediators which makes the process fast and trusted.

3. Check the type of disputes they have solved to know the expertise.

Example - PrivateCourt has solved many #IT, #ITES, #MSME and #Corporate #disputes.

4. Execution of Awards and Settlement agreements.

Example - As I said before we appoint an observer for the settlement agreements and also support for execution to make is easy for businesses to complete the process.

5. Ask about the percentage of disputes resolved via settlements and Awards.

Example - PrivateCout has settled 87% of cases via mediation and 13% cases by awards which means we are focused on mediation than awards to save time and money for parties involved.

6. is there any process set up for the neutrality

Example - When we receive the disputes we create a detailed summary of the dispute and discuss with the panel of experts before releasing the awards.

7. Do they have subject matter experts

Example - PrivateCourt panel always have subject matter expert to understand the best solution to the standing disputes. Also, We appoint them as an observer.

8. Expense

Example - PrivateCourt dispute resolution paper start with INR 100 so you need not pay anything in case of a dispute. You can save money, time, and ease of the process.

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