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Hard-work Pays Off

"You get what you work for, not what you wish for."

Freelancers have their own unique way of doing work. They work for a number of different organisations, with different cultures and perspectives. Often a freelancer may end up working for organisations that have a lot of expectations. They work in an environment full of constant risks where they fear that they might not get paid well or get appreciated for the work that they do.

This case is about a young boy Sameer, who just started his career as a freelancer. He works on graphic design and social media promotions for a well reputed company on a temporary basis. Sameer was an achiever, he believed that "what you love is what you’re best at" and he proved that by the work he performed. He worked on several media campaign designs and social media posts in order to generate customer leads for his organisation. All his co-workers encouraged him and appreciated the work he did. In a very short period of time, Sameer was able to win their hearts through his constant determination and efficient working style.

Sameer had worked really hard however his company did not pay him well for the work he did. According to the conditions of his employment tenure, Sameer would be paid according to the work that meets the requirements of the company. Sameer questioned the company regarding the payment for his work. The company blankly stated that his work did not meet the requirements. Sameer did not understand the justification given by the company because the company used his designs as well as gained customers from it.

Sameer was helpless, he was new to the industry. He felt unappreciated after all the efforts he had put in the task to fulfil the expectations of his company.

After a lot of research online he found hope. PrivateCourt, a platform that provides quick solutions through negotiations and dispute management. It provides a simple process through which clients can get faster solutions to disputes as well as minimise costs. PrivateCourt acted like a mutual third party, they set up a quick meeting through an online medium where both the parties could talk out and derive a solution. After a lot of arguments and differences, PrivateCourt came up with a simple solution. It deemed the company to enter into an arbitrary contract, where a freelancer would be paid 10% of the total customer acquisition done through the medium of his work.

Sameer as well as the company agreed to this as this solution was a mutual benefit for both the parties.

Sameer was paid well for the work he was doing and the company had a permanent arbitration clause for any disputes that occurred with future freelancers.

This simple solution by PrivateCourt saved the time and reputation of the company as well as provided justice for a hardworking individual. Both company and Sameer as a freelancer incorporated the Arbitartion clause in their Contract and Agreements with other Trade they did with multiple companies. One action set a future stability for all other freelancers who were going to be a part of this company.

“There is no solution to a man’s problem than a day’s honest work, the day’s honest decisions, generous utterance and good deed.”

- By Kavya Vinod (kavyavinod70_1065)

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