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Most firms don’t have a policy on the employment of people with disabilities. Those who well-structured HR practices showed improvements in business results.

India has 26.8 million people with disabilities, 0r 2.21 percent of its 1.2 billion population, according to census 2011. Most disabled people, even those who went to college and university, find it hard to get a full-time-job and statistics have confirmed it.

An analysis of the top 100 Indian companies shows differently-abled people accounted for less than 0.6 percent of their total staff strength in the last financial year. And even when they get a job, companies fail to make adjustments to meet their needs. The problem arises because of a lack of understanding at the workplace. This stems from the rigid corporate structure and not knowing what a differently-abled person actually wants. There is a gap between what we need and the company’s perception of our needs. Even when there’s a genuine attempt at bridging the gap, the companies fall way short.

When it comes to a corporate career, the success or failure of a disabled person depends on the level of involvement by the top management in inclusive hiring practices.

After all these discriminations faced by a differently-abled person incorporate and not being treated equally as others. Differently-abled people have a lot of going on on their plate, they are not obliged to face more in their workplace or get demotivated on daily basis.

If a differently-abled person wants to have a startup, provide innovation in something, he/she mostly neglected, their rights are overseen, they are taken casually with the mindset that they won’t be able to pull through because of their disabilities. We have to change this mindset of society, if a person’s body is not supporting them, their brain is still alive, which is more powerful than a normal person says the studies.

If a differently-abled person is an ability to pull through his or her company or the startup. There are many other things that have to be looked at while running a company, especially when it comes to legalities.


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