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A face of between Amazon and Ambani

E- commerce is at a peak of its business success since many years, encouraging competition between the e-commerce companies. Companies are at a fight to survive and earn a profit in this competitive environment.

The two most gigantic and famous companies are ready to do two two hands in e-commerce websites as Jeff Bezos and Mukesh Ambani's Reliance Industries Ltd.’s fight for dominance of India's lucrative e-commerce space is turning into a big face off.

The main fight started where two of the companies disagreed with another. As Ambani and Jeff , want the stores and warehouses of Future Retail Ltd, which had penetrated Indian cities and small towns with sales to every small to big things, from groceries to televisions and machines etc. Whereas amazon, which owns stake in a Future unit and Reliance have in recent months made pacts with Future Group , which according to them are being violated.

Now the Reliance Ltd. Plans to purchase Future Retail's assets without any delay, The Singapore Arbitration court restrained Future from going ahead with the transactions to pause any kind of disputes between the two wealthiest and giant e-commerce companies. Reliance has agreed to buy Future's retail , wholesale, logistics and warehousing units for $3.4 billion pushing Amazon to request an emergency hearing to stall it.

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Source: Bloomberg & Indiatimes

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