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Easy Solutions to Secure E-Commerce Transactions

"Privacy is not negotiable; it is the right of each individual". In today’s fast-growing era, technology is playing a very huge role. The internet has become a very effective tool wherein a person can access all the necessary information. It has become a medium to ease transaction, payment thereby slowly heading towards a direction of a cashless economy. In this situation it becomes very relevant to have information to keep certain things private and all the legalities to understand one’s privacy rights.

How can they secure themselves in this world dominated by technology?

Through the knowledge of cyberspace laws. They are various laws that protect certain areas of consumer and citizen rights. It looks into various legal issues such as distribution, communication and transactions that occur over the internet and other networked devices.

What are some of the common issues cyberlaw covers?

Some common issues covered trademark infringement, which are known as some small changes from a similar site. Cases of copyright in terms of domain name where in the URL or the address of a particular website is similar. Other issues covered are hacked emails, which may be certain reasons of concern for companies.

What are some other laws for safety of transactions online?

Some other e-commerce laws which secure online transactions ranging from small amount transactions to large transactions like purchase of businesses. It looks after disputes like digital signatures or biometric, electronic forums for contract formation and certain internet outages. All these cases are very concerning reasons for a person to make online transactions. Therefore, such laws provide security to individuals.

Companies can face various privacy issues such as social, political interactions online. Some issues involve loss of valuable assets or may end up such that the company has a lot of liabilities. For example, cases like web bugs or social engineering which may trick companies to divulge information that may be confidential. These may lead to disputes that a company would most likely like to avoid. In such cases how can companies secure their privacy rights?

Through PrivateCourt. It is an entity that secures a position of a company by providing simple solutions to disputes that may occur. This is done through the process of negotiation, mediation and arbitration. It also helps companies prepare contracts to secure its rights. A company can approach PrivateCourt in case a party in their mutual understanding has tampered with their privacy right. There are often cases where a partner company misuses confidential information. In this case, it becomes difficult to demand compensation and a dispute may occur.

PrivateCourt helps to take necessary precautions by strong contract preparations as well as an additional arbitration clause which makes the dispute management a much easier and faster process without any unnecessary costs. This method is much easier than approaching public courts which have a robust process of mediation and additional costs for availing services. "Your business is the outcome of decisions you make"

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