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"In a conflict, being willing to change allows you to move from a point of view to a viewing point- a higher, more expansive place, from which you can see both points."

-Thomus Crus

Quite rightly said! Negotiation between parties is easier when they are willing to listen to each other and each other’s sides of the story. There obviously will be conflicts where two parties are in a mental state only to put their own points on the table and not listen to what the other party wants to say. This is even more difficult when cases are reported in the civil court rooms itself. But mediation, negotiation and arbitration process makes it easy.

We at, PrivateCourt, follow a systematized process to resolve the conflicts, giving each party enough time, chance and space to sit together with a motive to get at a common understanding. Firstly, we try to focus our energy and resources to gather all the affecting factors in a situation of conflict. Secondly, we find the most fitting Retainer, having appropriate expertise and experience. After appointing a retainer to the case, our first approach is to give the parties a chance to mediate among themselves. We encourage them to listen to each other’s aspects of the situation and reach at a common solution. If the parties are unable to mediate, we resort to negotiation. In negotiation, we try to bargain the terms and conclusions of the conflict so that no party ever stands to loss. That is what we believe in at Private Court- Healthy Relations and a win-win solution.

Let us tell you a short story for your better understanding. We handle corporate conflicts and also help the members with the inhibition of Arbitration Clause. Our first and foremost effort is to avoid the conflicts altogether, smooth out the legal procedures so that there are no scopes of conflict. On one such instance, Raj, the CEO of a Service Providing firm, came to know about us through one of his business friends. He approached us and subscribed for our membership. We helped him with all the legal corporate advices and instilled the Arbitration Clause in all his proceedings with the n number of clients he was engaged with. Due to the efficiency of our procedures and clarity in approach and plans of action, he noted a drop in the number of disputes faced. The business is ever more prosperous and a happy-place-to-be now. But in next few days, Raj found himself stuck at an uneasy place with one of his clients. The client refused to make the payment to Raj and wanted to dismiss the contract of service right away. There seemed to be a glitch between both the parties and the client was also not ready to communicate openly with Raj. Then, it was decided to go by the procedure of mediation and negotiation. A common date was set immediately for mediation and the parties were to get together in a room and discuss their issues. The meeting, in the presence of the Retainer, lasted some time but when the parties came out of the room, the dispute was sorted! All that was needed for them was to get in a comfortable place to hear each other out. Raj got his payment and they continued their proceedings together.

With no party at loss, we at PrivateCourt attempt to make workplaces merry. And even when faced with any unwanted conflicts, we make the dispute resolution easy!

By Chhaya

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