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Dispute or conflict resolution case of two business and techniques of dispute resolution:

Disputes resolution or dispute settlement or conflict resolution is a term used for process through which disputes, conflict or claims is resolved between two parties or two organization.

Conflict occurs in all types of relationships so, as in business, there is also lots of issues that create conflict between partners. If two business partner doesn't solve this dispute as early as possible then their company might be at risk of big financial and reputation loss. Here is a story of conflict resolution.

This story is from one of the big cities of India name Mumbai. There were two big companies. These two companies are manufacturer company. They had disputes for copying with their product. After some days this dispute becomes mega conflict which results in the loss of their reputation in society. Due to the dispute of reputation, the companies face a very major financial loss.

Both companies CEOs met with judges to reach a settlement of their case. But the legal court has a very lengthy process, it is time-consuming and has to do lots of formalities but CEOs want solutions as early as possible so they take the help of Privatecourt.

In Privatecourt both companies sit in front of each other having all their disputes along with them. Third-person or person who is a member of Privatecourt solve their case by mediation or negotiations.

Above mentioned case is the best example of negotiations or mediation. Dispute or conflict occurs in two partners or two companies or among two businesses in the early phase of their partnership or in a later phase. And if companies want to solve dispute among them without any kind of loss they solve this dispute by the help of Privatecourt

The above case resolves their dispute by negotiations or mediation. But there is many more techniques for the resolution of a dispute

The types of techniques of dispute resolution are as follows:-

  • Mediation
  • Arbitration
  • Conciliation

By these four techniques, any kind of dispute among companies or organizations may resolve.


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