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There are more than 750 crores people in the world, and nobody in the world has the same thinking. Every person has different thinking, and there is a difference in opinion for the same topic. There is a saying by Jim Coleman that “Also Differences of opinion can be creatively stimulating as well as frustrating.”

“We all have different opinions, the problem starts when we feel our opinion is worth more than what anyone else can say”, as said by someone.

It is true and when this happens, it becomes a problem and creates a lot of havoc and chaos. Not only this, but it also creates a lot of tensions and mental stress for you. When this is in the business, everything gets strangled and you wish for a cure.

There was a partnership firm who had five partners. They were in the manufacturing and retailing business. They had offices at five locations, and every partner visited all the locations to track the work and know the business overall.

Every partner had other styles to work on and when they visit each of the locations, they ask the employees to work their way. This created tension among employees as to whom to follow, and whom to not. They arranged a meeting with the partners and asked them what to do.

The partners were all pitching about their way of working, and this created a lot of chaos between them as every partner wanted to work on their basis. The tensions among them increased so much that they thought of ending the partnership.

During the process, they came across PrivateCourt and thought of resorting to them.

PrivateCourt understood their problems and mediated between them. PrivateCourt explained to them the importance of being partners and asked them to assign each partner to each location where each location had the same business and almost the same turnover percentage. When a partner each will be assigned to each place, the employees can work as per the respective partner's technique and can run the company as per his wishes. Moreover, a report will be submitted by each partner for their respective branches at their accounts team, who will check the working and will arrange a meeting where every partner will discuss their problems, their ideas and other things as required.

This way, all the partners got their personal space and can work according to their style, and there was no chance of fraud as the reports were getting submitted. They can run their business peacefully and succeed with this mantra.

This way you can also avail the above benefits by PrivateCourt's help.

PrivateCourt is a firm whose business idea is to solve the business disputes by mediation and arbitration. PrivateCourt assists you with all your business disputes whether it's internal or external. They help you with various other things such as the formation of contracts, agreements, invoices terms and conditions, websites terms and conditions, and solving business disputes through alternative dispute resolution techniques like mediation, arbitration, counselling and negotiation.

These all the benefits can be availed once you become a member of PrivateCourt. You can become a member by paying a small amount as annual membership fees.

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