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Delhi Development Authority Vs. Durga Chand

There are many instances, where the judgements are difficult to render. The instances are where both the judgements are equally correct when the perspective of both the parties are taken into consideration. The common daily life examples to these multi faced judgements are whether you as an individual view, according to your point of view if the glass if half empty or half full or whether the door is half open or half closed because no matter what you say, it can not be considered wrong and thus in the same ay the contract the contract is open to two interpretation and considers both the views.

It is in these circumstances that the Courts have ruled that if there be admissible two constructions of a document, one of which will give effect to all the clauses while the other will render one or more of them nugatory it is the former that should be adopted.

Further, it can be held that assuming that two interpretations of it are reasonably possible, the principle to apply would be that the interpretation favoring the grantee as against the granter should be accepted. It has further been held by the courts that if two interpretations are possible, the courts will not interfere with the one adopted by the arbitrator

Here comes the main role of PrivateCourt, it seeks to achieve a mid way between the two parties of the contract and have a neutral get appointed between the two and come to a final judgement between the two, so as to continue to follow there own pathways. Not only by following high end delaying but giving the judgements in minutes, in whatever mode you prefer.

It’s major benefits are:

  • Flexibility of procedure
  • Speedy settlements.
  • Parties choice of neutral third party
  • The preservation of reputations of parties.
  • Privacy and confidentiality
  • Lower costs
  • Less complexity
  • Practical solutions for both the parties
  • Durability of agreements
  • Online/ Offline mode

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