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Is Delay in Justice, Injustice?

"Justice delayed is justice denied".

This stands truly right when we talk about the amount of time courts and other legal formalities take in order to come up with a solution or rather prevail justice.

Difference in opinion is inevitable, when we weigh any problem on a monetary basis it becomes difficult to come up with a middle ground as no party is willing to compromise. In this scenario, how can one expect fast judgement? We often have cases that occupy so much time that it can tamper our daily working schedules.

The path to simple solutions is with PrivateCourt, a platform where a person can solve their disputes. It offers the client solutions at various time spans, starting from taking precautions by enforcing businesses with proper legal contracts and arbitration clauses beforehand. It also helps clients through the process of negotiation in order to increase speed of results

You may ask why PrivateCourt?

The answer is simple. It is because in today’s world technology and effective social culture is dominant. PrivateCourt has managed to collaborate law with technology to be cost effective and result oriented. Through the digital process of dispute resolution, settlement and payment recovery the costs are minimal and the judgement is faster thereby creating value for both the parties.

The system of arbitration can be very robust. When you approach public courts the major problems that you would face are in terms of monetary spending. It ranges from hiring a lawyer to paying them monthly and court costs in extra, thereby spending a lot of money to end disputes as well as not being satisfied with the final decision.

Where as In PrivateCourt, one has to pay only for mediation and if that fails then process with the next and final process of arbitration. The judgement provided is within a day to a month’s time span, according to the complex part of dispute. The parties can also use the PrivateCourt arbitration clause to secure their businesses, legally.

Every business is looking for security, but business is full of risks. Even one small mistake can lead to very big losses, one small dispute can lead to misunderstandings and a whole decrease in efficiency of business. When you have a platform like PrivateCourt, it offers you ease of decision making and securing of possible risks so that businesses can function effectively.

There are so many values that are handled at one single go, like time management, goodwill and communication, relation strengthen. It pursues to create a hub, where dispute management is no longer a mundane process. Just like how a business keeps moving forward, decision making and dispute handling has to be a fast process.

Sometimes, the easiest way to solve a dispute is to communicate. We may feel overwhelmed to express our feelings thinking that we might be judged for our mistakes. PrivateCourt offers a platform for an equality in justice and an opportunity for the parties to calmly discuss their problems as well come up with a solution to pertain to the maximum benefit of both as well as the society as whole.

"There are two principles of justice – not to harm anybody and to serve the society’s welfare"

- By Kavya Vinod (kavyavinod70_1065)

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