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Case study of a dispute between a tenant and their landlord

Client and their partner bought an allotment in December of 2019; for privacy and legal reasons, their names will not be disclosed. The allotment was surrounded by close knit apartments, and some smaller houses. Under their Tenancy Agreement with their landlord, 70% of their lawn was to be cultivated. Initially, the client upheld their part of the agreement, digging up 2/3 of the plot and maintaining it, using ground covers to prevent the weed from growing back up.



Due to the spread of Covid-19, the client failed to upkeep the maintenance of the plot. Subsequently, when the government announced the lockdown, the client held the view that unnecessary travelling would be counterproductive and detrimental to the society, and decided to leave it for a while.  The allotment was co-owned by elderly people and since covid-19 is said to affect them worse, the client decided it would be safer for them and for others to stay at home.


In April of 2020, they received a mail from their landlord stating that they were found in breach of contract. The owner pointed out that the plot had become barren and unkempt, and looked neglected. Assuming they had no plans to work it out on a later date, they definitively said they would re-let the plot to someone else.

The client’s initial response was to contact the land owner and work it out without further meddling, they had been planning on growing tomatoes, and had managed to cultivate a few in their own house and were planning on taking it to the plot later, when the restrictions were removed. Unfortunately, the owner refused to get into touch, and the clients contacted local authorities in an attempt to resolve this. They were told to talk to an attorney.

Due to the incessant spread of coronavirus, they arrived at the conclusion that physical courts would be hard to reach to under these circumstances. At a loss, they decided that a better way would be to use online courts. A bit wary, as they had never done this before, they contacted PrivateCourt.



With the help of PrivateCourt, the client contacted the landlord, and decided on mediation as a means of resolving their dispute. We helped them organize and work through their documents, and present their evidences in an online session while reviewing the case.


The case was closed on an empathetic note, the landlord understanding the current scenario and reaching an agreement with the tenants. 

Why PrivateCourt?


PrivateCourt offers you not just arbitration, but also mediation and negotiation. We help you choose what the best way to resolve your dispute will be- and we guide you through it so that you don’t have to worry about a thing. We have trained professionals to deliver you with best legal advice, and we resolve your disputes in a matter of weeks! 


But more than that, we care about your relationships, we don’t think disputes should end in bitter hostility and estrangement. We care about what makes us human. We care about your mental health, we know how some actions can take a toll on you- which is why, we make sure to do everything we can to help you regain your sense of control. 

Care about your privacy? Don’t worry- we don’t share your personal details. We value our clients’ trust.

Why do we exist? Well, it’s simple. We want to redefine the justice system. The digital age has brought so many changes, it’s time we bring this revolution into our courts. We work under the Arbitration Act of 1996, and the decision made by the arbitrator is legally binding in any court of India. We know how expensive your time is- and actual court proceedings- and we want to make sure you aren’t discouraged from filing for justice because it takes too long, or you cannot afford the years of financial toil. Everyone deserves justice- we want to bring an option that lets them do so. 

All you have to do is click on a button- after all, internet has stimulated so many things- why not #justiceongo with PrivateCourt?

By Shambhavi

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