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Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is the Key!

Conflicts are a part of human interactions. Day to day, we find ourselves in situations where we and other people have a clash of interest or miscommunication or different viewpoints without having open enough mind to get in sync with each other or rather situations when communication is not executed at all. Conflicts are most times hot and seldom turn into cold encounters too. And these are inclusive of both personal and corporate lives. We cannot eradicate conflicts, but sure can reduce them! Yes, you must be thinking of civil courts and lengthy tiring legal procedures. But worry not! Alternative Dispute Resolution is the future of Justice and PrivateCourt is here to introduce you to the future!

Alternative Dispute Resolution is the procedure of resolving corporate disputes outside of Civil Courts. Specifically through legal procedures of Mediation, Negotiation and Arbitration. These help the parties to resolve their dispute without having to keep up with the civil court proceedings. Plus, it takes only weeks for resolving dispute that could take months if filed in civil court. Impressive, isn’t it! Let us illustrate further advantages by citing an exemplary story.

Stuti, the owner of a textile manufacturing firm found herself in need of a new spinning machine when one day the factory incharge informed her about the near obsolescence of the present one in use. After weighing all the options, costs, competition and technology, she got to the decision to get one on lease. Since the equipment was the most important part of her business, she explored the traders available in the market carefully and got in contact with one named Raghu. After the success over telephonic conversation, they both met up in the coming weeks to scrutinise the machine, it’s working and technology and sealed up the deal on mutual terms. Stuti got the machine’s working condition tested and after satisfaction, the lease installments were determined and the repair and maintenance was to be borne by Stuti. It was a 30 minutes drive from Raghu’s storehouse to Stuti’s factory. On installing the machinery and trying it out in production, Stuti and her staff faced difficulties in even getting it to start working. Stuti found herself in a state of dilemma and discussed this issue with Raghu rightway. But Raghu stayed intact on the point that he had delivered a finely working machine. Stuti had no option but to consult law firms but she didn’t want to have this dispute resolved in the courtroom, which would bitter her relations with Raghu and also halt the production process because of the time involved. That’s when one law firm recommended contacting PrivateCourt!

PrivateCourt is a legal firm that not only handles the out-of-court legal procedures in an unbiased and time efficient way, but also provides legal help and instills Arbitration Clause for making the work smooth and easy. At PrivateCourt, corporate relations are valued and disputes are resolved in an amicable way, under legal experts and keeping both the parties at the winner’s end.

Stuti consulted us and succeeded in resolving her dispute and keeping her relations healthy with Raghu and also, her business at ever prosperous condition. This is just one of the innumerable examples where PrivateCourt has been a boon for the parties facing disputes. Here, we firmly believe in the saying, "The Quality of our lives depend not on whether or not we have conflicts, but on how we respond to them.”

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- By Chhaya Thakur

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