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ADR, the new skyrocket to solve e-commerce conflict !

First comes a major technological advancement. Next comes rise in business and transactions from this advancement. What’s next? Inevitably, disputes arise from the escalating business interactions involving the new technology.

For 100’s of years, commercial businesses and individuals have pursued their contractual remedies and resolved their issues by resorting to the court systems available in their jurisdictions. This will continue.

E-commerce needs a platform where if a dispute arises, it will be solved or else trust and Credibility if they do not satisfy the Customer or client. Appointing a third party via arbitration helps e-commerce world gain Trust on platform.

As the number of transactions increases, there will be more disputes or issues that need to be addressed by the interested parties. As this e-commerce community increases in its size, influence and demands, it is finding more discontent with the conventional, adversarial court system and is looking for alternative ways to solve disputes? PrivateCourt is a legal firm that helps you resolve and manage your disputes without dragging you to a civil court by being fair, non- biased and with highly qualified judges.

This Mumbai based legal entity is dedicated to the resolution of disputes through arbitration, mediation, conciliation and negotiation. They offer simple cloud based solutions to help resolve your disputes through internet technology by maintaining important long-term business relationships by keeping all parties more satisfied with the outcome by keeping both the parties at the winning side.

Online Dispute resolution (ODR) & Alternative dispute resolution (“ADR”) refers to out-of-courtroom docket techniques for resolving disputes, including negotiation, mediation and arbitration. In the last few decades, it has become progressively recognized. This means, for settling disputes other than litigation may be advantageous. The high costs and frequent delays found in litigation can be avoided by using ADR, ODR.


ADR presents an appealing alternative for businesses involved in e-commerce.

➔ Both ODR & ADR solves small and large claims as rapidly as possible, thus keeping the cost of the system in line with the value of the dispute. Very small claims can be resolved very quickly, involve the least number of people for the shortest time and should not necessitate face-to-face meetings.

Cost is likewise an important factor. ODR helps you resolve your disputes in a very economical way.

➔ In addition, since many electronic trading relationships are intended to be long term and are primarily based on a certain level of trust, there also seems to be a strong desire to work things out without destroying the Trade Relationship.

Confidentiality is also an important aspect and the thought that the details of an ADR proceeding are not going to be splashed over the front page of the local and financial press is attractive.

PrivateCourt’s e-commerce agreements have five main principles, are fairly basic and broad. They are:

  • Fairness
  • An emphasis on continuity of business by reducing disputes and solving them with minimal confusion of other transactions
  • Clear dispute-management policies
  • A range of options and cost-effective methods to resolve disputes at the earliest possible stage
  • Use of technology to aid dispute resolution

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