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For an indepth understanding, please refer to Articles Below.

Movie Studio V. Production House

The claimant in this case is a movie studio based in Mumbai offering services of private screening and post-production works like editing, sound recording, etc.

Shipping Company V. Manufacturing Business

Brief facts giving rise to this dispute of Non-payment of the invoice: a dispute arose between the parties, who..

Post Production Studio V. Entertainment Company

Cras nec lectus non leo consequat sagittis. Mauris dignissim urna vitae odio hendrerit, vel tincidunt elit facilisis...

Textile Manufacturer V. Wholesaler of Textile

Financial disputes need to be resolved as quickly as possible. The claimant (a Private Limited Company engaged...

NBFC V. A self-employed resident of India

Arbitration is a part of any dispute arising between parties to an agreement. Courts also encourage this practice...

NBFC V. Businessman

A self-employed businessman (the respondent) from Andhra Pradesh, India, entered into a financial loan ...

NBFC V. Small Businessman

PrivateCourt has been impanelled as the Arbitrator for a Pvt. Ltd. incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956...

Private Limited Company V. Textile Wholesaler

Invoice Settlement Mediation was entered into by the claimant, a Private Limited Company engaged in ...

Movie Studio V. Movie Production House

This case of disagreement is between a Private studio based in Mumbai and a Movie production house..

Private Ltd. Company V. Plastic Manufacturer

This dispute arose between a Private Limited company that was engaged in the manufacturing of plastic ...


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As an arbitrator, you will be reviewing testimony and evidence presented by the disputed parties at a hearing and resolves the dispute by issuing a decision.

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