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Arbitration is gaining global recognition, acceptance and credit by parties to settle disputes.

PrivateCourt invites you to join our Expert Panel of Arbitrators and exhibit your expertise.

Private Court

Career Opportunities

PrivateCourt is on the journey to produce an inclusive and positive culture that promotes a genuine, unbiased, and significant working atmosphere. We honour and take pride in our diversity, where everyone is respected and feels inspired to deliver their best.

PrivateCourt's success stems from the teamwork exhibited by committed individuals where every step is taken to benefit and safeguard its member's interests.

We are growing.

Career opportunities at PrivateCourt are aligned with the development of employees to help them grow and achieve their career goals. We treat our employees as assets. What we offer at PrivateCourt is a remarkable combination of your career growth along with numerous opportunities to help us grow.

We want individuals who believe in the purpose of delivering independent thinking and talent development. We are looking out for challengers who promise client growth and a profitable future for us.

The Place of Nyaya

We are on the journey to drive to the place of Nyaya where Everything is Established in the Truth.

If you think like us, then come join us.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Helping establish a mutual agreement in disputes.
  • Hearing the parties involved and clarifying the argument details.
  • Explaining the arbitration process to the parties involved.
  • Scheduling appointments with both parties.
  • Gathering and analyzing documents and other relevant records.
  • Interviewing both the parties and stakeholders involved in the dispute.
  • Promoting open discussion between both the parties.
  • Making a non bonding decision after hearing both the sides.
  • Resolving disputes by offering legal advice or appropriate solutions.
  • Preparing, explaining, and guiding the parties with terms of settlement
  • Maintaining the confidentiality of any sensitive information
  • Settling disputes by analyzing and applying relevant laws, procedures, and policies
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Our Work Culture

PrivateCourt strives to establish the highest standard of quality in everything we do. We always want to drive towards the next great thing by constantly challenging ourselves to improve and break new ground.

PrivateCourt seeks to establish the highest standard of quality in the services we offer. We aim to achieve higher ground by continuously challenging ourselves. We believe in making lasting connections built on the pillars of Trust, Honesty, Integrity, Transparency and Empathy.

Our commitment and dedication to upholding justice and truth in all fairness drive us beyond our comfort zone to attempt ingenious and unconventional methods. For us, an honest failure is viewed as a learning opportunity for a successful tomorrow.


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