PrivateCourt offers a simple online & offline solution to help resolve your disputes with your clients worldwide.


PrivateCourt provides parties with the opportunity to:

  • Reduce Hostility.
  • Regain a sense of control.
  • Gain acceptance of the outcome.
  • Resolve conflict in a peaceful manner.
  • The resolution of disputes takes place usually in private.


  • To define the justice model which is socially viable.
  • To reach out every individual i.e to make justice economic and efficient.
  • Achieve a greater sense of Justice in each individual case.

The method involved in PrivateCourt: Arbitration

Arbitration is a procedure where the parties to a dispute, voluntarily agree to submit their claims to an independent third party (an arbitrator), as a way of resolving a dispute, without the need for a court case.

The law relating to arbitration is set out in the Arbitration Act 1996.

It states that the decision by the independent third party is legally binding.

The decision to arbitrate in the PrivateCourt can be made:

  • Before the dispute arises - The agreement to PrivateCourt to take a decision in the event of a dispute arises.
  • After the dispute has arisen - By choosing the PrivateCourt to take the decision.

Five steps of PrivateCourt Dispute Resolution:

  • Sign up : By providing your details
  • Upload your agreements
  • In case of dispute file a claim : Gather your evidences like document, photographs. Upload the files to our secure server, Describe your claim and identify the responding party.
  • An Arbitrator is assigned : Before a matter is assigned to an experienced arbitrator, PrivateCourt conducts a conflict check to ensure the arbitrator has no connection to the parties.
  • Resolve the dispute: The arbitrator reviews feedback from the Applicant and Respondent(s).After all evidence is gathered and reviewed, a binding decision is rendered by the arbitrator.

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