Manufacturing Agreement Dispute Resolution

The manufacturing industry in India is a fast-growing industry. Its face has changed in the past 40-50 years drastically. There are over more than 2 lakh manufacturing units in India at present, executing various manufacturing processes. All these units and their owners have to abide by the legal requirements of the industry and deal with both national and international parties for business. In turn, resulting in various disputes and conflicts.

Raghunandan is the owner of a factory producing car parts and headlights. He has been in the industry for 10 years now and has dealt with various Indian and international companies. He commits to producing car parts as ordered by the companies after filing a written contract. He is contacted by one such large scale car assembling company based in Bangalore, handled by Mr. Swapnil, and is landed with an order to produce car parts for 150 cars. Raghunandan takes the order and prepares a contract stating all the major terms and conditions. The specifications of parts, the delivery after production, the total payment for a contract, and all other formalities are agreed and signed by both the parties. Raghunandan and the workers get to work and the order is duly completed in time. The car parts and their quality is double-checked and tested as per agreement and only after finding them in good condition, Mr. Swapnil is informed. As per the contract, the pick and drop of the parts are to be taken over by Mr. Swapnil’s company.

The next day, the parts are picked up and reach Mr. Swapnil via road in the next couple of days. But on inspection, half of the car parts are found defective. Mr. Swapnil is unhappy and claims glitches in the production process. But Raghunandan, being confident about his manufactured items, claims that the damage has occurred in transit. Mr. Swapnil refuses to take Raghunandan’s assurances in the account and denies to make full payment. Raghunandan is now helpless and unyielding. He does not want to get his feet dirty stepping into the long civil court procedures but also wants to resolve this dispute. On one fine day, while discussing this problem with a business colleague, he is suggested to consult PrivateCourt.

Private Court is a legal entity that provides the corporate parties a ground to resolve disputes via unbiased procedures of mediation, negotiation, and arbitration in a peaceful manner. PrivateCourt is India’s first and only legal service provider, which provides time-efficient legal help, advice, and support at a minimal annual membership fee charge and at the comfort of the party’s home.

Raghunandan came to Private Court and didn’t leave unhappy. He got his dispute resolved, under experts’ care and in an amicable and peaceful way. No party stands at a loss once it consults PrivateCourt, which is evident in the count of over 700 disputes handled by us over the years. We, at PrivateCourt, are aspiring to make businesses run smooth and remove any hindrances coming into it’s way.

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