Digital Marketing Freelancer Payment Dispute Resolution

With the increasing scope of online business and content, the scope and demand of digital marketing is also booming. Every business wants to be visible on the world wide web and wants to expand not only the physical but the online customers. One of the most effective ways of doing so is via Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing is a recent concept in the internet world and has only gained importance in the early 21st century. Major proportion of the Digital marketing projects is taken out through Freelancers, who evidently are now available in large numbers and are making large chunks of money. But as unorganized as this industry is, there are always disputes and clashes between the clients and freelancers. Sometimes the clients are reluctant to let go of the payment and take the freelancers for granted. On the other hand, sometimes the freelancers are stuck with lots of work in their hands and neglect some projects by the clients. We’ll give you one such case study that explains to you such scenarios.

Having 5 years of experience as a Digital Marketing Freelancer and having highly appreciated for his work, Ashish was contacted by one of the locally-based large scale manufacturing companies for the same. It was engaged in the manufacturing of apparel for adult males and females and had several manufacturing units and stores all across India.

The company now aspired to open up an online store for selling their products. Following the COVID situation and sensing the opportunity to go online, the company geared up its project and put the online store in place. The only thing in need was someone who could make it working and visible. The company contacted Ashish and was impressed by his expertise. The task was to use SEO practices and AdWords optimization. Both the parties negotiated on a commonly agreed-upon value for service and Ashish got to work. During the conversations and customizations, Ashish followed up accurately with the needs of the company, making it very clear to the company how work has been tough keeping the times in view, and how he was the only one supporting a family of four and their well-being. Ashish worked tirelessly and dedicatedly and submitted the work before the deadline. But when the time came to receive the payment, Ashish found his hands empty. The company stopped responding. Whenever he was responded, he got false promises of receiving the payment in a couple of days but to no yield. Being the task work from home and the corresponding lockdown country-wide, he was unable to physically contact the company and resolve the issue. After waiting for a month for the rightful payment, heartbroken and helpless as he was, Ashish had no idea what to do. That’s when PrivateCourt steps into the scene!

The Privatecourt is a legal service provider firm that helps you to resolve all legal disputes, from money related, to breach of trust to false contracts, to all the n number of disputes that corporate parties find themselves mingled up in. It is an entity that provides non-biased, balanced mediation, negotiation, and arbitration services throughout the country at minimal annual membership fee, delivered at the comfort of the client’s home. The motive of a Privatecourt is to resolve the disputes in a peaceful manner, putting no party in jeopardy and reducing the hostility among parties. We all want justice but we don’t want to engage with civil court formalities and tardy procedures which take years to complete. Private Court comes to the rescue and helps resolve the disputes by appointing judges and jury, experts in the area of disputes, and helps reaching an amicable solution within a span of 3-4 days! Brilliant! Isn’t it?

Ashish also recognized the pros of the PrivateCourt and contacted us right away. PrivateCourt took charge of what they’re best and most known for doing and restored hope to Ashish. At PrivateCourt, we not only help but support those who come to us from troubled places. 

At the end Ashish, got his justice and payment, food for his family and both the parties got to sort their conflict on positive terms. And that is what matters at Private Court, Peace in operations.

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